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Import - select by date and prevent duplicates?



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Not quite sure what you mean by 'select'. If you mean that you want to choose which photos to import by date, then no, you can only select by hand which to import.

    But then, you don't need to import anything at all for On1. On1's import is really just a utility to copy photos from one place to another and add Metadata while doing it. You can simply point On1s browser to wherever your photos are and use the browser filter to sort whatever you want. Then add whatever metadata and use the browser to move the files instead of the Import utility.

    Both methods will work equally well. Which is best suited for you depends on what you want to do with them.

  • jordan paw


    thanks for the work-around. yes, i'd like to be able to select the pictures to copy from the sd card by date.

    the import utility conveniently creates sub-directories by date so it is rather useful.

    i'll try out your 2nd suggestion.




  • Robert Bollinger

    The poor import tools of ON1 2019.2 are one reason I'll continue to use LR.  I have over 400,000 pictures loaded into folders by date (year, month, day).  Sometimes I use 2 or 3 cameras, so pictures are sorted by date and time into the same folder structure.  Similarly, I shoot RAW+JPG often and sorted by time, they are right next to each other and easily stacked and unstacked.  Over many years, this has provided a very useful, logical file structure.  By using Collections in LR, I can organize these by Subject, Time Period, etc..  This organization is impossible to manage with just ON1.  So for this reason, I am using ON1 as a LR plugin. I'd like to get rid of the LR subscription ($120+) per year, but the result really is to increase my cost by $80-$130/year (new versions of ON1 each year are really like having a subscription).

    Sorry about the bellyaching, but I really hope that some LR+ON1 users have found ways to do photo file management functions, maybe with some inexpensive photo tools for Windows 10. 

  • Bianca Zimmermann

    on1 is the only Software offering broken dumb import feature without preventing duplicates. I keep pics on XQD (rather big) for a while(paranoia backup), and still need the few now ones. 10x importing creates a tera byte of "_copy" that I have to delete manually. Not fun.


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