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Catalog process PR2019 6264



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    This situation is a common complaint, though I'm surprised you have it with 300 photos. The progress indicator is that little circle on the title bar of the cataloged folder.

    I would submit a support request about it. Don't expect a quick reply, they're closed till after Christmas.

  • Allan Binderup Jensen

    Support requests seem to result in a generic "please uninstall, cleanup and reinstall" answer.

    The catalog feature crashes 2 new Windows installs for me, and I have a grand total of 213 RAW files. I´m a bit scared to think of the annoyance after a larger catalog has been built. And possibly the robustness (or lack thereof) of the software.

    Updating to 2019.1 changes nothing it seems.

    In fact my 2nd install was on a new PC, so even for a completely fresh install this happens.

    On1 please acknowledge this is an issue you´re working on.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I have to wonder why you think it's the catalog that's crashing On1. While there are complaints about On1 crashing, I'm not aware that the catalogs were the cause. If it turns out catalogs really are causing your problem I think it's a pretty rare occurrence and not something the majority is experiencing. I have over 50,000 photos cataloged and while catalogs do cause some problems as mentioned above, crashing is not one of them.

    You've already contacted On1. If there was an issue with this, they would have told you.

  • Allan Binderup Jensen

    Your faith in On1 is encouraging, at least it gives me hope. :)

    When the software induces a load on the system CPU and storage to such a degree that Windows stops responding, and this happens the very moment a little folder is added to catalog - that tells me something in the software is very broken. Particularly when it happens on different computers as well. 

    My concern goes beyond this particular issue, as there´s a workaround (don´t use catalogs!).

    But as I just switched to On1, I am very much interested in how problems with the software are handled before I have thousands of pictures and many many hours invested into it.

    Hoping for the best!

  • Marcel Dormanns

    Been in IT for 30+ years, and I have to agree with Alan, there are fundamental flaws in ON1.

    - every restart of ON1 causes a rescan from zero of the catalog, and with nowhere professional quantities of raw-files

    - cataloging 25.000 files takes two days, just to have it restart on day 3 for no apparent reason

    - already excluded ON1-directories from virus-scanning, no real improvement.

    - 4 cores@100%, disk close to 100%, mouse and clock regularly stop responding for 5-10 seconds at least (took me 10 minutes to shutdown ON1, and start responding to this post)

    - ON1 does not honor its own resource-settings, I limited CPU to 70% to no avail

    - there must be blocking routines, that do not yield control to the OS in an acceptable manner (and no way of lowering the priority)

    - been using ON1 from v10, PR2017, PR2018 and now on 2019.1, never got catalog to work

    I'm afraid the catalog is the most visible symptom, similar symptoms may occur at unexpected places. Sure hope this gets sorted out, the functionality is certainly great (when it works), that's why I'm still with ON1.


  • Daniel Pesch

    I too did an complete uninstall and reinstall 4 times now. catalog still stuck at 99 %. I restarted program and now NO catalog folder, it just disappeared. Last install was with 6264. I may need to look elsewhere for an editor I guess. Any thoughts?

  • Antoine Hawara

    The Catalog, I agree a mess!! 

    I decided to start ON1 2019.1 with only one objective: to complete the cataloging of my photos. So no editing, not other apps in the background just ON1 cataloging. The results crashing all the time, sometimes after a few minutes.

    Then I noticed that I was in the Browse module while experiencing these crashes, so I decided to see what happens if I am in the Edit "module". Well you want believe it, it has been working for over 48 hours without any interruption. I even did many edits and played around with the layers changing skies! 

    It was slow, in some instances very slow but I leaned one thing: ignore the "Not responding" message and let it takes its sweet time, because if I even clicked it would crash. Remember my goal was just cataloging. 

    Now to the % complete issue. If I check the main directory , MyPictures, ON1 reports 97% complete, but if I look at the sub-directories' % complete, that 97% is just incorrect and I just cannot rely on it. When the cataloging is to be complete is of course in the hands of the Gods. Happy New Year.


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