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ON1 2019.1 speed improvement encountered by avoiding cloud drives when using sidecars



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  • J Michael Morelli

    Curious, which cloud storage provider are you using?

    I use dropbox and have not experienced this when I edit. I have my photography folder in dropbox as a cataloged folder and mostly edit straight from there.

    I haven't noticed a problem like you stated, but I'm also not doing a ton of editing on a single photo. Mainly minor adjustments and syncing across multiple in browse.

    The premise of what you are saying though makes sense from the perspective of how cloud storage works in general. I am wondering though if there's a difference between the cloud storage providers, and when they begin to 'see' changes. On surface it would appear that dropbox waits until the file is not in use to "sync" it. This might be different with Google or Microsoft. I can investigate that a little more though.



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