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ON1 Photo RAW's direction for 2019



  • Gerry Whitmarsh

    The scroll bars are virtually unusable and I don't have a visual or motor-skills disability. 

  • Daniel Pesch

    I agree, scroll bars are virtually unusable!  Way to thin!

  • Al Aikens

    Andre, I made, what I think, is an interesting observation.  In PR 2019 Browse my CPU usage is about 50%; however, when I open an image in Develop/Effects, etc., the CPU usage drops to about 5%, and stays below about 10% with active editing.  Could this higher CPU usage be Browse trying to keep the cataloged folders current?

  • Andre Moreau


    I monitored my CPU usage again today using the same folder as in my original post. Only this time, I shut down the Ethernet access to have one less variable to worry about. Surprise, CPU usage stayed below 5%.

    So, I tried it with a folder that I had not previously used. After a few minutes, CPU usage was still hovering over 60% with peaks at 85%. I brought an image in the Develop module. CPU usage was still over 60%. So, I guess, PR 2019.1 was still not done with that folder.

  • Colin Boyland

    Andre Moreau,


    can you explain to me what you mean by "I shut down the Ethernet access" & how you did that? My computer is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi rather than Ethernet, so I'm wondering if the same effect would apply to Wi-Fi? I've had never-ending issues with PR2018 'hanging', 'Not Responding", freezing etc. This has continued with PR2019. I've put in Tickets with Tech Support & they've offered suggestions, but I'm looking for & willing to try performance suggestions that have worked for other users.

  • Colin Boyland

    Andre Moreau,


    I'm not sure if what you're referring to by "adjust canvas size" is the same as what I'm thinking of, but I would think it is:


    In PR2018, if you took an image into the Layers Module, you could increase the canvas size, creating for example, a white area around the outside of the image. You could then do such things as change it's colour, add a texture, border etc. As I've barely used v2019, I don't know if it's still there, or how it's accessed.

  • Andre Moreau
    Colin Boyland
    I have three computers and one of them is linked to the router via a cable (ethernet).
    As for canvas sizing, I think this was available in the Edit menu in ON1 2018 but has been removed in ON1 2019.
  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Adjust Canvas size is no longer available in PR2019 but there are easy work arounds for that, so while it is annoying, it's not really a huge problem. I did have a write up about it here somewhere, but can't find it now (Deleted?).

    As for changing color, texture border etc, you can still do all of that but it has nothing to do with Canvas. They are all seperate functions.

    If anyone needs tips on dealing with canvas size, let me know.

  • Andre Moreau


    Adjusting canvas size and also being able to create a blank image for dropping in two or more images side by side would go a long way in not having to rely on PSP.

    Let's start with canvas size:

    1-How do I create one so the the image has a one inch border all around, except for bottom which needs to be 2"            

    2- An image with a one inch border top and bottom, two inch border left and right?

    TIA, Andre

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Well, to start with,Canvases aren't measured in inches, they're measured in pixels. Even if you had the Canvas resize option, you wouldn't be measuring it in inches. Secondly, if you start with a canvas larger than you need, then you can crop it to whatever size you want.

    I was told recently that On1 is concidering adding some kind of ruler, that would be nice, but until then you'll have to find another way to measure.

    If you load your photo first, there is no way to add canvas space to it, so what you need to do is reserve canvas space before you load your photo so that when you do load your photo there is already extra space around it. You can do that by making the equivalent of a canvas preset.

    For this example, my photos are approx 4000x3000 pixels. I want twice that to work with so I want to make a preset 8000x6000 pixels. You adjust your sizes accordingly.

    • Select any photo in browser and go to Edit.
    • Click on the layer mask options (not filter mask) and invert it. This makes the layer transparent
    • Select Export
    • Enable the photo size panel and enter the preset size (for me it's 8000 and 6000)
    • Enable Rename and select the Text option
    • Give it a name like "8000x6000 canvas preset"
    • Export as a jpg

    Now you should have a blank jpg image that's 8000x6000. You can reset the image you used and don't forget to put your Export settings pack the way they were.

    If you make a number of presets, keep them together in a folder somewhere. When using the preset it's best to copy it into the folder you're working with so that you don't have to browse to find your photos.

    Open the preset in Edit first to reserve 8000x6000 pixels, then add your photo as a layer. You will see there is lots of available canvas for you to work with. If you want the canvas to have a color, select it, go to Local adjustments, select paint with color and select a color, invert the Filters mask.

    Good luck


  • Andre Moreau

    Rick, thanks for taking the time to explain how to resize canvas in ON1 Photo RAW 2019.

    First, when I do this in Photoshop I have a choice of inches, pixels, millimeters, centimeters, and more. I use inches all the time as my image has already and easely been resized to inches in PSP when I go to adjust canvas size.

    I had slowdown problems with the resize and export functions in ON1. So for the time being I will wait for the next ON1 update to see if this has been fixed. In the meantime, back to Photoshop for adjusting canvas size which is so easy that I can't see how ON1 can better PSP on this.


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