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Effect for "fuzzing" a portrait orientation over the width of a landscape orientation?




  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    There is no filter to easily do that. In Photo raw you'd have to manually create each one and you won't be able to make a preset to speed things up. However, once you've figured out the process it shouldn't be too difficult. If you want some ideas on how to do that, post it here and I can write something up tomorrow.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Jan, you have it pretty much figured out already. Since On1 no longer has a canvas size option, you'll need to start with a layer the size of the finished photo, so just save one of your landscape photos to use as a template and open it in layers to define the canvas size before you start. You can create it with a solid color is you think you'll need it as a background.

    You should have your photo cropped before you add it as a layer because cropping applies to the whole project and not to the layer. Add it as a layer above the template and adjust it as needed.

    Copy your photo layer, add whatever blur you want, then make a copy of the blurred layer. Adjust each to the left and right. I'm pretty sure the canvas will trim any overhang for you, so you shouldn't need to crop again.

    From there you should be able to export.

    If you find I've made a mistake in any of this, let me know. I might try it today just to see that I have it right.


    Edited: I tried the method above and found a flaw in the plan. When you crop the portrait you have to export it before it's added as a layer. If you don't, adding it as a layer will change the crop to match the canvas.

    Also I found that using any generic landscape photo as a blurred background for a portrait photo looks just as good and is much easier to achieve that fiddling with  left and right layers.

  • Jan Steinman

    The "Gallery Wrap" almost does what I want.

    Is there any way to adjust the softness in Gallery Wrap? It is not enough to keep from being distracting.

    Otherwise, I would appreciate some pointers to get me started.

    In Photoshop, I'd first expand the canvas 3x horizontally, dup the base layer, flip it horizontally and move it to one side, dup that layer and move it to the other side, merge the two new layers, give them a heavy gaussian blur, then crop my 16:9 out of those layers.

  • David Kick

    Jan, If I understand what you are looking for you could add 2 blur filters and using the masking bug set to linear right on one and linear left on the other to blur the edges. Set the amount of blur on each to your liking. Once you have something you like on one photo simply save this as a preset which can then be applied to any photo. Once applied to another photo you can adjust the two masks on the blur filters to then refine the edges on the new image.


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