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Local Painting Sampling And On1



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  • Kevin Pinkerton

    Do you have your left pane up while doing this? And is there filters or something in the left pane that is trying to stay synchronized with the image (such as presets or LUTs or anything that shows your current image?

    If so, try turning that off. 

    The catalog in 2019 is the root of many problems, or so it seems anyway. One thing I found that helped that was to tell my antivirus (AVG) to ignore the ON1 appdata directory. That is described here:

    The last thing to try if are up against the wall, is to clear the catalog. That can be done by renaming the appropriate hidden folder in an ON1 appdata directory. Renaming allows you to get it back quickly without having ON1 rebuild everything (I think). Ask how to do this if you feel you need to try it.


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