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Perfect B&W 9.5 Basic activation




  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I'm not familiar with that application. I know with Photo Raw that you have to use the email address that was used when you purchased it. You could also try logging in to your On1 account (3 bars on the upper right) and see if there are any notes about activation. If none of that helps, use the Submit button at the top and ask Customer Service about it.

  • J Michael Morelli

    Hi Jeffrey,

    That's an older product of ours, but I can have our support team get you sorted out right away with a newer version. The equivalent would be ON1 Effects 2018.

    Please log a ticket at and we can take care of you right away. (We need you to log a ticket so we can look up your order info, etc. The forums don't allow us to do so).


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