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edit hangs and stops




  • mary orosz

    cancel the above i found the problemn

  • Mike Hunter

    Just in case someone else reads this post.  I've seen it take almost 10 min. while you click on say 'zoom' and it just beeps.  Give time and you will probably see the resolution of the image improve to normal, then you can use different tools.

    Hope this helps someone else

  • J Michael Morelli

    @Mike - sounds like the image might still be trying to load in your case? I'm not 100% sure. There's a few factors that might cause that. Image location, internet connection (if image is on cloud storage), HD problems, etc. It would be best to log a ticket directly with the support team on the issue if it's a frequent occurrence.

    I will pass this info up the ladder, but it would be helpful to get some machine specific information into a support ticket so we can track it through the proper channels and get it to the appropriate place.

  • Mike Hunter

    I'm trying to stay positive about Photo RAW, but there are so many issues that being a programmer and having run multi-million dollar software development teams that I wish I could get some real help.  I keep being told that it's the machine.  So, I purchased a new one:


    Asus z370-p MB i7-8700 3.7Ghz, 32GB RAM

    SSD drive 480GB, (intel drive) (dirve has been tested for errors)

    MSI GTX 1060 GPU with 6GB video memory

    I had tested On1 as the first installed app after doing all the bios and driver updates directly from the mfg.

    Also, verified that the GPU is doing most of the work.

    It happens every time you load an image that has a large amount of edits, but if you select 'edit' on an image that PR has not edited before there is almost no wait time.  I've tested this on 8 different images.

    So to make this even more specific to an ON1 problem, I purchased a 2nd machine minus the full Nvidia GPU and 16GB RAM, and a crucial M.2 SSD 500GB.  Same exact reaction.  And it was tested prior on 3 other machines with the same issue, but on slower machines the times extend out dramatically, to the point of causing an app crash, due to wait time.

    Not sure how internet connection would affect it, but the files are on the local drive in all the above cases. Tested on SSD and standard WD 8TB drive.

    One big issue was that this all started seeing the demo in the Plus section of 'Fine Art' with the background removal from the leaf, so I was trying to put together a full demo of On1 for our Photo Club (85-125 people).  I've got $3K in hardware and absolutely NO help from ON1.  I have offered to let someone remotely control the machine and demo the problem no luck.  As I programmer and Product Manager, if a problem can be reproduced I personally want to see the exact issue and collect everything I can, that is not the case with ON1.  I've been using ON1 products back to before Photo 10 and love the direction, but the current problems NEED to be solved before adding more complexity to an unstable app, even if it is only on my specific configuration, as what I have installed is very mainstream hardware and very simple use case.

    I can only do so much troubleshooting without dev specs on an application, but I'm over 100 hours of QA/Build/Test and still don't have a working application.  I've made it a little better finding that if you edit to a point, then export the image, then go back and edit again that I'm able to get normal speed on that image, but that proves that it's not machine specific, but application specific (at least from my limited knowledge)

    So, if you can help get this information to anyone who actually cares about solving the issues with the application, I would greatly appreciate the help and would more than happy to test/beta/run debug code.  I can't be the only person with these issues, I think we will find that many of the reported issues of hangs and other issues are tied to the same thing, but being reported differently.

    Thanks in advance for any help and for responding to my post.



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