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Next Update




  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Sorry, I just asked for a 'hint' as to when it will be but was told there is no word yet. Shouldn't be too long though, we're all still waiting for the new AI masking to be released.

  • Andre Moreau

    Rick, Last I heard was a late January update.As far as I'm concerned, the ON1 development team can lay off the fancy stuff like AI for now and concentrate on making ON12019 stable and efficient.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Andre, yes Jan was supposed to be the release for the AI not nessesarily for bug fixes, and there was no set date on that it was just approximate. I was hoping On1 could give me a hint of something more accurate but they're not saying.

  • J Michael Morelli

    Hey Everyone,

    Definitely some bug fixes and performance updates planned. @Rick is correct with regard to the date ;-)

    As for your issue @Lawrence - if you've logged a ticket with our support team, it will definitely go through the proper mediums to be addressed in an update. If you have not logged a ticket with us regarding the issue, I would recommend going to and logging a ticket. There is vital information we need in order to diagnose the issue you are encountering.

    - Michael 


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