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Photo RAW 2019...extremely slow on Windows 10



  • Ken Claussen

    I have to agree with Jack. I wanted to comment on the previous thread and was disappointed comments had been closed.

    I have had a Terrible experience with On1 Photo Raw 2019 and I paid for 2018 and the upgrade to 2019.

    The Features advertised would be great if the performance and issues could be resolved.\

    On my Desktop Intel i7 Quad Core, 16GB Ram, 512GB SSD, Nvidia GT 730 Ti) I have updated to the latest Nvidia driver and all the current Microsoft updates, yet I have 20-30 second delays when trying to use Portrait at 100% to do Spot corrections.

    I am also not a fan of the Spot Correct Magic tool as it usually does not do a great job, but that is a separate problem compared to performance.

    Anytime I am zoomed into 100% everything slows to  crawl! I have Fast Panning enabled.

    On my P51a Laptop (i7, 16GB Ram, 512GB M.2 drive, Nvidia Quadro M520 with 2GB Dedicated video memory) the problems get worse. Again in the Portrait module, at 100% click on a spot to correct, the screen just freezes and never updates again. The Red spot never disappears. If I exit the program and re-open and go back to the image, then I have issues with the image preview. Go back to edit and I have a Transparent bar marker (checkerboard) running down the side of my image. Try to do a spot correct and the main window locks up again.

    If I am just pushing sliders around, then things work OK, although still sluggish compared to Lightroom 6.14. If I start adding Effects things get slower and slower with each one added.

    I tried to do a Sky replacement and it started out ok, until I tried to Refine the mask at 100%. Then it slowed to a crawl again. I finally gave up.

    The recurring theme is when going to 100% things become unusable.

    I checked Performance Monitor and the Ironic thing is both the GPU and CPU are below 50% utilization.

    I want to like this application, but it feels so unfinished.

    I also tried to install it on a slightly older PC and it would not give the option to add the Eyes or Mouth position markers. I opened a case, but gave up when I got the why don't you clean your Registry email (mentioned in the other thread).

    I am a Senior Infrastructure Engineer who has worked in IT for 20 years. This is not my first rodeo.

  • Ken Claussen

    Here is the Performance I am experiencing, in this case I am in Develop at 100%:

    The sad thing is the Magic Eraser does not create a seamless correction either! I end up Undoing it more often than not. Which is just as painful.

    What does not make any sense is I have plenty of unused CPU available, same for the GPU. They both run below 50% and often below 35%. It seems like an issue with multi threaded operations not taking full advantage of the available resources.

  • Joseph Bejm

    I had a lot of problem and I gave them all information when it was released in BETA. But they release without fixing problems and to me it should stay in BETA format. I put some problems on Youtube and I got my money back because nothing was fixed and having software that you can't use not for me.


    But I don't think is because Windows 10 is just will not work good on some machines.

    On my MS Surface Book laptop worked better Slow but better then on my Gaming machine that I could not use at all. Even so it is

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz, 3696 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 12 Logical Processor(s), 64GB memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti


  • Randy Hergenrether

     I thought I  was the only person experiencing all the same issues listed by the folks before me. I send in a ticket because my Windows 10 system is crashing all computer functions after 10 minutes of post processing and I list all the pertinent info and work flow up to the crash and the response I get is you need to provide blah blah blah  when it was blah blah blah that I provided in the original email. I tried to set up a scratch folder and sent a snip-it of the preferences window to ON1 asking if it appeared as though I had configured correctly and got a ridiculous non-answer.  I wasn't having these issues with ON1 Photo RAW 2018. When the computer crashes I loose most if not all of the processing prior to the crash. One other thing I've noticed is when you upload ON1 and tell it to "remove all the old stuff" it leaves all the old stuff on your computer. Uninstall doesn't even take it all of the hard drive.

  • Ken Claussen

    I am working on my 4K monitor. So as a Test I moved PhotoRaw 2019 over to my 1080HD Monitor. No change. Things work acceptably well (not fast) at all zoom levels Except 100%.

    I stumbled upon that the other day, moving from 100% to 50% improved performance by a factor of 10. What used to take 2 minutes now took 10 seconds. Still longer than it should, but at least marginally usable.

    I then went back to 2018.5.4 and worked on the same image. Night and Day difference,  could work at 100% with no noticeable change in performance. A spot correction would take about 2-3 seconds. The Results on face spot corrections still suck. I much prefer to do this in Lightroom, having control over the source makes all the difference in getting a positive result. The Magic Eraser often makes things worse. The Other one makes things blurry, and the Stamp does not blend well no matter how I use it.

    Overall I am very disappointed with 2019.1, it advertises so much and delivers so little. At least they finally included support for the Nikon Z7 in 2018.5.4!

  • Joseph Bejm

    That's why I ask for money back. All the nice Videos and advertisement but for me useless software, that I can't work with.

    Maybe they will fix it but at this time nothing is fixed and no updates. 

  • nico van der lem

    Dear people of ON1, why do you not react on this thread ? This makes me unsure if I shall buy ON1.

    Kind regards.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    These forums are not for obtaining technical support from ON1. They are user-to-user support. If you want help from the company you need to submit a support request. There's a button at the top of this page for it. Or you can click here: Submit a request

    There are also several threads here on how to set up your Windows system for ON1.


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