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Do you receive answers from support team these days?




  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    9 days is unusual, many are happy with the fast replies.

    You can click your name at the top of this page and select 'Support Tickets' to see if there is a status for it.

  • Yvan Bedard

    Just got a reply to my bug report. Usually they reply much faster and their support is good. This time, no news for 9 days and the proposed solutions (2) didn't work. I still cannot deliver that photo to my client...Will have to try with another raw editor as it is overdue...

    It seems to be a problem not easy to solve. It never happened before version 2019.1 on my machine.

    But, as I said, 9 days without feedback was not good.

  • Yvan Bedard

    Received another answer seconds ago. This answer is what I expect from a support team. It was fast and described exactly what they tried with my problem and files. They pinpointed the problem and I'm not the only one with this problem. They don't have a fix for now but will keep me informed. Another update should be released shortly.

  • Yvan Bedard

    So, YES now I received fast replies  ;-)

  • Yvan Bedard

    And I also received an apologize. It is appreciated.

  • Gerald Pasternack

    Glad that you have finally received the support you were looking for. 

    Slightly off topic --- If this is the (priority)  support you were getting as a "Plus" member imagine the service users without Plus would get.

    There is something that doesn't seem right with the concept of "pay-extra for quicker service"  on routine problems.   On1 is selling a (tested) product that they deem to be fit for release.  The (inevitable) problems that surface should be addressed with the same urgency whether a Plus member or not.

    "Plus" is a good "teaching" concept that folks can buy into (or not), but it should not influence the rapidity of support.

  • Kahlie Support manager

    Sorry for the delay in response, Yvan. ON1 Plus members do get priority support, but bug reports that are sent to our Technical Support team can take longer than a general support request. Bugs and technical issues must be tested and sent to our Engineering team for investigation.

    I am going to close this support request since you have received a response.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    - Kahlie, ON1 Customer Support


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