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W10 update KB4023057



  • Ernie Pangilinan

    Last Friday, 1/18/19, I clicked OK to download an update for Win10 while working on a picture on On1 PR2019. I was doing fine before then using the four modules working the way it should be. When I went to Browse to select another image, it started to stall, not responding message appeared off and on, cursor moving erratically, rendering the software unusable. I like the functionalities of this software, but substantial improvement have to be done to its stability and efficiency to make it a rewarding experience. Slow processing abounds in Zoom In/Out and Export functions making it frustrating at times.

  • Paul Hoekstra

    Update: Seems this was just another piece of W10 mal/spyware forced upon the public.


    Fix at:


    So this is not an On1 issue.

  • Michael Brodersen

    Yes, i can apply the behavior after some windows 10 update this year. The responding of on1 version 2019.1 is absolutely bad and partly not usable. I decided to uninstall the latest windows updates and after a reinstall of on1, it seems its work more stable for me. Masking and brushing works better, but there a lot of waiting cycles while browsing through my photos. 

    I am not sure, but it seems, that the last Intel microcode security update could not be uninstalled on my pc, so i'm not really amused about the windows update behavior. 

    Hopefully greetings 




  • Manuel Lopez

    Thanks Michael. I have submitted a thicket to ON1. I tried to uninstall the sevurity update but apparently it can't be uninstalled

  • Vinny Giannino

    I haven't gone through the Windows update yet but my advice would be to uninstall ON1 entirely (not the typical Windows uninstall), clean up your registry with something like CCleaner and then reinstall. There are instructions I believe in one of these user forums on how to uninstall ON1 (I think I gave it to someone else). After all is cleaned I would reboot before reinstalling. Looks like fun times when I finally get the update!

  • Kay Collins

    I am having similar problem, Trying to use ON1 as stand alone are opening in PS, it freezes up my computer and I can't do anything.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Hmmm... My Windows says it's up to date, yet I don't have KB4023057 on the list of installed updates.


    Here is the link to the uninstaller FAQ.

  • Kevin Pinkerton


    Microsoft does a rolling update and not everyone gets the update at the same time. Sometime within the last 4 or 5 days, I asked Windows Update to see if I had anything pending and THEN is showed me the update. But my wife and I have two Windows 10 computers and we often get updates spaced apart from each other. BTW, I had no issues with the update.

  • Paul Hoekstra

    If W10 is not updating try the W10 Update Assistant. I have recently done this to get W10 1809. Seems to make a big improvement to On1 operation.


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