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  • Kevin Pinkerton

    Try turning your anti-virus off temporarily and see if it still locks up.

  • Manuel Lopez

    Darrell, what windows 10 version do you have, 1803 or 1809? if you have 1803 try to upgrade to 1809 then do  cleaan install of ON1

  • Mike Hunter

    I know this is lazy, but just jumped in to see if there has been any progress on a few issues:

    Manuel; I haven't had time to read any changelog/update notes on the 1809, any idea what improvements were made and what the result on ON1 might be. (still running 1803)

  • Manuel Lopez

    Mike, When I was running windows 1803 I had all kind of stability issues.  Now with the new windows version 1809 all the issues I had with ON1 2019.1 went away.. So far ON1 is working like it is suppose to. The process I followed is:


    1.upgradre the operarting system from 1803 to 1809. and make sure it is working properply. Check your system settings.

    2. Completly uninstall ON1 2019.1 with revo uninstaller.

    3 Then manually search the following folders for any leftover from ON1

            C:\Users\HP\AppData\Roaming (if there were leftover I used revo uninstaller to get rid of them)

            C:\Program Files (if there were leftover I used revo uninstaller to get rid of them)

            C:\ProgramData (if there were leftover I used revo uninstaller to get rid of them)

    4. Runn ccleaner to clean the registry.

    5. Restart your system.

    5a.  Run ccclener for a second cleanning of the registry

    6. Stop your antivirus and firewall

    7. Install ON1 2019.1

    8. reactivate the aantivirus and firewall.

    9. Assign your graphic card to run with on1 (need to do that in the system display setting and in your graphic card contrrol panel)


    Good luck.

  • Vinny Giannino


    I just updated to Windows 10 build 1809, didn't do anything as far as reinstalling RAW 2019.1 and my masking issue went away ... I was surprised to see it working the way it should. Speed isn't too bad either for a 8 YO computer.


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