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Any news on when next release ?




  • Gerald Pasternack

    No sooner did I write my post  (above) than PR2019.2 was released !  Didn't realize I had the power to make this happen.  Thanks On1 for keeping your "next Release in January" promise.

    All kidding aside, please share your PR2019.2 experiences.  Aside from the new masking feature I'm hoping PR2019.2  will be even better than PR2019.1 in performance and bug fix.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I've been checking for the problems that I knew about and so far they've all been fixed, I still have a few more to go. Haven't seen any lag while brushing. Did a quick AI masking test and looks good but I need to spend more time on it. Not sure about catalogs yet, need to watch that for a while to see if it's any better.

  • Darryl Brooks

    Posted this in another thread, but probably not the right place:

    Using the clone stamp. After 4-5 uses, program slows to a crawl and becomes unusable Couldn't finish the first edit. Sorry, but I'm out again. Let me know when .3 is ready. Thanks

    Edit: Export took several minutes, but that could be because whatever was going on with the clone brush. Sorry, but this is still not a usable piece of software for me. 

    Edit 2: Actually export never finished under Edit module. Had to go to Browse module. Export worked, but program never recovered; had to break out from task manager. 


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