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Missing my Photoraw 2019 plugins




  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    According to the User Guide (Page 10), On1 should already be accessible in Automate. If it's not, you should send in a Support request and ask how to fix it. I would imagine a re-install would be part of that.

    You could try the alternate Photoshop method using the Filter menu.

  • Richard Chiswell

    Hi and thanks for your help.  I could see that On1 should have been accessible via Automate - unfortunately all I could see were the items left over from On1 version 10 (before RAW).  I had a check through my user application support folders and removed a range of items relating to previous On1 items going back to 2014.  I then reinstalled bu still couldn't find anything under  Automate.  Eventually i manually dragged the On1 Raw 2019 plugins to my Adobe photoshop plugins and everything worked okay.

    I did send a note to On1 but hadn't heard back from them before I'd fixed it.



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