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What gives you acces to your own library of textures and overlays?


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  • David Kick


    Glad to give you the instructions - see below. That said I saw in another thread you don't like to read the user manual -- It's a great help and worth downloading to your hard drive. Might be much quicker for you to find the answer vs waiting for another user to reply. These step I typed below can be found in the manual.

    In on1

    go to File on the top menu bar

    Select -  Manage extras

     Select the tab you want Backgrounds or Textures

    Click the import button in the bottom left corner

    Browse to the folder where your files are located and select those you would like to import

    Select open

    You can then choose a category or add a category then select OK and your images will be imported and be ready for use as a texture or background.




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