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PR2019 Stability on masking



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Hello Marius, we are not On1, but we are On1 users.

    There are a few things to check to help with speed. First check the GPU...

    Then try removing On1 and Photo folders from the path of your Antivirus.

    Finally, if you are using catalogs, they may be slowing you down. Consider trying without.

    Merge layers and Stamped Layers still work the same as they used to. You should not be having difficulty with them.

    If you continue to have problems with speed, you may want to contact Tech Support and send this information...

    Good Luck

  • Alessandro Scuderi

    i experience same trouble with masking and errating behaviour if i use the undo button on a masking, i have loose for that all my masking and have random masking on all the picture. (see attached file).

  • Alessandro Scuderi

    That is instead what i have done (not all for this trouble) i have to copy the mask from time to time to not loose again masking if undo button doesn't function properly.

  • Alessandro Scuderi

    I also write at support and i wait reply.

  • Yuti Wang

    This is what I wrote support:

    Tried using masking brush and perfect brush when zoomed in (any zoom level), the software becomes so slow that it is unusable. The mouse pointer no longer follows the mouse, and the delay can be up to beyond 10 seconds. I am just trying to create a mask to replace the sky. When I am zoomed to "fit", it works ok.

    RAW files from Nikon D810 (36MP) with complicated landscape and leaf foliage. RAW files from D700 (12MP) seems to work ok.

    Your 2018 early version had this issue. After I submitted a support request which was not fully answered, the latter releases of 2018 was much improved.

    Now, I am using the 2019.2 version. The issue is back! The software is again not usable when I am trying to create a mask zoomed in. When zoomed out to "fit" level, software works ok.

    But to create a detailed mask, you need to zoom in at times, but I can't because the software becomes tooooo slow.

    Settings have bee set to your sepc. Graphics acceleration has been enabled according to your knowledge base. (Remember, the latter version of the 2018 worked ok)

    This is a 16 core AMD Threadripper system with 32GB of RAM and PCIe SSD, with GTX1080 Ti graphics card. So, the system spec is more than fine.

    If you want my RAW file to try, please let me know. I can upload it to you.

    Thank you.

  • Vinny Giannino


    I use Defender as well. I excluded all ON1 folders (not photo folders) and Defender went away. I included the APPDATA folders as well. I was tracking system usage with Task Manager and I always noticed Defender popping up under RAW, I never see it now after doing that.

  • Mark Erskine

    Rick Sammartino wrote:  "Then try removing On1 and Photo folders from the path of your Antivirus." 

    How does one do this?  I am using Windows Defender in Win 10.  I see "add exclusions" as a selection, but what am I excluding?  I can chose file, folder type, file type, and process.  Is it just the folders, and which ones?

    I must agree with the growing amount of these emails that report after several edits/layers/effects.... the program really slows down.  I've got a pc that meets/exceeds recommended specs.  

    Yes, with last Windows update, and last update of On1, it's a bit faster... but still gets really sluggish.  Especially as mentioned, if you dare enlarge the image.  That is simply asking for trouble on my machine.  Have a hard time believing the antivirus exclusion will fix this, but like many others, am hypnotized (or stubborn) into believing this will get fixed in the next update.  Been here since 2018.  Still hoping. :)


  • Kevin Pinkerton


    This is the key directory to exclude:


    Just remove Kevin and replace it with whatever your username is. If the catalog is turned on, the files in this directory get beat to DEATH.

    C:\Users\Kevin\AppData\Roaming\ON1\ON1 Photo RAW 2019\NDService

    If the catalog is empty, the above NDService directory still gets beat to a pulp, just not quite as bad. Everytime you go into a subdirectory with images in it, it re-evaluates the database in NDService. It does not matter if you were just in that directory and went to another one for a bit. Still does it. 

    In Windows 10, Here is a way to see what the heck, and by how much, ON1 is beating that hard drive(s) up:

    1) Go into Task Manager and then go to the Performance tab once you are in there.

    2) Click on the "Open Resource Monitor" at the bottom left of the Performance tab.

    3) Make sure ON1 is up and running

    4) in the Resource Monitor, click on the Disk tab. You will see a list of processed in the top window. ON1 Photo Raw 2019.exe will be in the list. Check the box beside Photo Raw and it will then only show you information in the Resource Monitor pertaining to Photo Raw. If you have catalogs turned off, ON1 only does a little bit of Disk activity at the beginning and then stops. To get it back up in that window, go into PR and click on another directory in Browse with photos.



  • Kevin Pinkerton

    Windows Defender or whatever antivirus software you use will sit between ON1 PR and all of these disk accesses, UNLESS you exclude the appropriate directories. Excluding the directories is just a band-aid.

  • Mark Erskine

    Thanks Kevin!  Done!  Hopefully will help, even a little!

  • Marius Launer

    Kevin Pinkerton gave really interesting tips that I unfortunately could not quite understand. Especially the first part of deleting ON1 folders in the AppData will cause all catalogs to be deleted as well, which does not necessarily have a positive effect on further work.
    However, before I tried it ... I did the second part of the post with a hitherto untapped performance boost. I do not quite understand that (but I have no clue about Windows 10 anyway) but it was ONLY enough for Task Manager / Resource Monitor to click ON1 and suddenly ON1PR went off without any problems. It created a multi-level image each with a mask, and ON1PR ran and ran. Until I've cleared the box in Task Manager. The ON1 hung up immediately.

  • Kevin Pinkerton


    I mentioned "exclude" of certain directories in the appdata. That was not meant to be interpreted as "delete". I meant to tell Windows Defender (or whatever antivirus software you might be using) to exclude checking the appdata directories when watching for viruses. Does that help?

    The second part where you checked the box in Resource Monitor, and that gave you a boost, is not something I can explain and I have no idea why that would help ON1. It is supposed to be only monitoring a process (the reason it is called Resource Monitor). However, if it works for you, then certainly use it! But that is a total mystery to me.

  • Kenny Creel

    Great info guys thank you I’m also still having issues like you’ll. After new update.2 the program was working a lot better but after time it went down hill. I’m a win 10 user everything up to date. Etc.


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