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Symantec Alert re v2019.2




  • Kahlie Support manager

    Hi John,

    This is a false positive error and can be avoided by turning off the antivirus software during the installation of our products.

    Like many other software manufacturers, we do recommend temporarily disabling third-party anti-virus products to avoid a false positive while installing the software.

  • Dave Alcala

    I am also getting this error message with Norton Internet Security.  I see the reply to turn of the security software to get rid of the message and install the software.  Seeing as how I have used ON1 for many years going back to the previous corporate name and have never encountered this message I am going to watch until ON1 clears up this problem with the security providers.  I as a general rule NEVER turn off my security to install legit apps.  Having lost my system several times following suggestions like this I have the time to wait.  ON1 cleanup your problem please!

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    There is no problem to clear up. It's Norton reading it wrong. Nothing to do with On1. You can report false positives to Norton.

    I have the same 2019.2 that you do and my antivirus had no problem when I installed it.

  • Antoine Hawara

    Norton checked the EXE file and founded it safe, but when I tried to install it I got the alert which I just ignored. By the way, I just started to check the new version and I can see some improvement in the responsiveness and performance of ON1. I hope I will continue to say so next week.

  • Huw Rosser

    Have the same problem have never turned off my anti virus system. As Antoine stated Norton checked the EXE file but gave error message when I came to install. WE ignore next time.

  • Huw Rosser

    OK. Downloaded EXE file again. Run, ignored warning. Installed OK.

    Glad I read this forum page. Thanks all.


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