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PNG color handling???



  • Leroy Casterline

    Continuing the above experiment, I opened the 'good' PNG in PS and saved it as a PSD file. Opening the saved PSD file in IrfanView I see my pure colors. 

    Opening the same PDF in PR results in distorted colors. Why is PR changing the colors in my file?

    I can understand that this may be desirable when opening RAW files, but when opening other files? Not so much.


  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    If you're having problems with On1 reading your files, you should contact tech support and supply them with examples. They may ask for one of your files to try.

  • Leroy Casterline

    Next I made a copy of of my text file and filled it with pure red in PS. Opening the file in IrfanView I verify that there is only one color (255, 0, 0) in the file and it is 24 bpp.

    Opening the file in PR I find, once again, that even though there is only one color in the file, PR changes it (in this case to 253, 13, 4, at least as displayed). I quick export the file from PR and check it with IrfanView; there's still only one color, but now it's 254, 10, 2 and file info again indicates it's been handled as 64 bpp internally.


  • Leroy Casterline

    The problem isn't with reading files, it's that PR is changing the data it's read from the file. 

    I've submitted a tech support request pointing to this thread.

  • Leroy Casterline

    Still trying to get PR to display a pure color, I thought I'd outfox PR by applying the Local adjustment 'Paint with Color' with a white mask. Since Local Adjustments are applied before Filters when the image is rendered this might be a better strategy than my attempt with getting a pure color via text. It quickly became obvious, however, that this would not work either.

    When I tried to set the color by clicking on the swatch, the Color Select dialog allowed me to set the values I desired (255, 0, 0), but changed them to (255, 1, 0) when I closed the dialog. Reopening the dialog displayed the changed values rather than those I had entered. I tried setting the HSV values as well as picking a pure red off the screen with the 'Pick Screen Color' option in the dialog. Same result each time - I end up with (255, 1, 0).

    But as it turns out that doesn't matter because "Paint with Color," at least in this instance, doesn't do anything at all! With the selected color at (255, 1, 0), with "Solid Paint" selected and a white (inverted) mask - the pixels in my image are all (253, 13, 4) exactly as they are when loaded. Toggling the Adjustment on/off does not change the image pixel values.

    I repeated the same experiment with a pure green swatch (0, 255, 0). This time I could set the color correctly with the Color Selector, but I again got unexpected values in the image - this time each pixel was (26, 254, 12).

    As I had started with a pure red image above, I wanted to see what would happen if I started with pure white. I created a file in PS and loaded it into PR.

    I could set the swatch to red (255, 1, 0) and the image pixels were (255, 13, 4), same as when I started with a red image. Setting the swatch to green (0, 255, 0) resulted in image pixels valued (26, 254, 12).

    Something is clearly not working as (I) expected. From reading the manual I believe every pixel in my image should be the same color as the 'Paint with Color' swatch.

    Given that I’ve tried my experiment on two different images and getting the same result, the issue is apparently not related to interaction between the swatch color with the image pixel colors. PR appears to just be painting with the wrong pixel values.


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