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  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Hi Rebecca. I don't know anything about Aperature, but there may be someone here who uses it and can make suggestions. If not, you can also copy your post and paste it into a support request to get an answer from On1.

    There is a button at the top of this page to submit a request.

  • Charles J Taft

    First, I would make sure I have at least two, preferably three,  copies of the Aperture Libraries on separate drives. Then before doing any thing else. Make sure at least one of your copy drives is NOT connected to your computer.

    Second, do you know if this is a managed or a copied library? If it is a managed library, then somewhere on your machines there should be a folder(s) that have the original photos. They would be separate from the library. 

    If the above is the case, then you should be able to import the photos into ON1 from the originals folder(s)?

    when I say "copied" library, that means that you have always brought your photos directly into Aperture.

    Third option.

    1. connect an external drive, create a folder called "Photos"

    2. In Aperture, select some photos, then Choose File>Export-Master

    a menu will open which should allow you to select that new folder on that external drive.

    3. Look in the external drive to see if your photos have arrived.

    4. Then, use ON1 Browse to see if it sees them?

    If that works, then, I would suggest repeat this operation on reasonable size chunks, 

    yes, kinda nasty, but, might work.

    Good luck!

    Charles J




  • Martin de Jong

    Hi Rebecca,

    I used Aperture in the past and I do have a few idea's of why it does not work. 

    I am not sure if this is an issue with On1. I have pictures scattered locally and on a network server and the maps they live in are not greyed out, nor is my Time Machine which is non an external disk. So my first question is is your user/picture library graded out as well? It should not be.

    I can imagine that the aperture library is greyed out because the is not a file type that is recognised as a picture, unlike tiff, jpg, etc.
    If you use On1 Raw as a stand alone application and want to get to your photo's you'll need to store them outside of the Aperture library. What you could try is that you make a new Aperture catalogue, i.e. testaperture.  Import a few photo's into the catalogue and tell the import function to store them in your user/picture folder to  and notice that the catalogue contains the photo's and that they are stored in the place you defined during import. Then open On1Raw and check whether the map you stored them is greyed out. It should not be. 
    If that works fine then try to import a few pics while storing them on your external HD and check if On1Raw can see the map.

    If it doesn't not work can you make screen shots available, so that we can see which steps you take when you want to open photo's in On1Raw?

    Next to a support request to On1 you can also try That's a forum dedicated to Aperture.

  • Kahlie Support manager

    ON1 Photo RAW does not use a catalog system as Lightroom and Aperture do, and simply reads the file structure of your computer which is then displayed in the Browse module. In order to view all of your Aperture photos in RAW, you will first need to export them out of the Aperture library.

  • Martin de Jong

    In addition Charles’s and Kahlie’s answer. 

    Instead of export photo’s you can also relocate them. That gives you  a referecend file which you can use by On1 and Aperture.  More about this is described in 


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