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Apple Photos uses what format to send to ON1?



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    This probably isn't what you were looking for, but it's all I could find.


  • Charles J Taft

    Well, I watched more closely when doing the Edit in ON1. At the top of the screen it does have a file name and the extension is psd! But if you then get back to Photos and do an export, that will be jpg. 

    The other thing I note is that Photos starts ON1 each time. Having ON1 running doesn't seem to help any. Not that it takes that long anyway. The reason I am interested in all of this is because I use Photos as my DAM. The reason I do that is because I have an iPad mini 4 that I carry around to show photos. What I stay away from using is iCloud! Sooner or later, it messes up big time. But iTunes will sync stuff fairly reliably, as long as it does not interact with iCloud. Besides, there is no particular reason for me to need my photos in the cloud.

  • Charles J Taft

    And in reading the User Guide, this: p 16


    If you use ON1 Photo RAW 2019 as a plug-in from another image editing app (Lightroom, for example), we recommend using the Photoshop format (.PSD) as the exchange file format for maximum compatibility. If your saved file will be larger than 2GB, or more than 30,000 pixels on a side, your image will automatically be saved in the .PSB (or Large Document) format. This is a newer version of the PSD format designed for larger file sizes, and is fully compatible with Photo RAW.

    So, I assume that Apple Photos only used PSD, or maybe PSB. Since I don't use PS or LR, don't know.


  • Colin Grant

    Apple Photos hands off a jpeg when accessing its plugins.That is why I will not  use Photos as my main dam. The quality of the image degrades each edit due to the jpeg lossy format. I keep all my raws in ON1 and just export finished jpegs or tiffs to Photos. This is an Apple driven issue and nothing to do with ON1.

  • Jerry Hall

    If Apple Photos has not edited the original raw image it sends a raw file to the plug in. Otherwise a jpeg reflecting the Photos edits is sent.  RAW with side car is not returned. It will be jpeg, tiff, maybe other formats.   Try it. Return to Original (top left) in Photos and then go to On1.  

    Photos saves the original raw file and you can revert to it any time (but lose edits unless you make a copy to revert to raw.).  So Photos and iCloud in theory could be used as a DAM for raw originals and have access from multiple Apple devices. This is the route I am pursuing.   I know I can retrieve my raw image, but needing to do so will be infrequent. 


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