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Build a PC for On1



  • Bill Hercus

    Not as technically minded as some of you chaps. I'm on Win 10 Pro, 8 core fast AMD CPU, 2GB NVIDIA card, 16GB RAM which meets their recommended spec but am slowly being driven up the wall with all the bugs.  Catalogues removed, drivers up to date et al.

    Principle problem is going from and to Browse and the 5 to 8 min catalogue shut down.  What on earth is going on there?

    Just reinstated Infinity which I had ditched and contemplating a return to LR/PS despite an accidental membership renewal!

    I wish they'd forget the 'bells and whistles' and concentrate on the basic engine.

    Moan over.

  • Peter Pfeiffer

    I noticed a performance improvement after these actions (in order):

    1. Replaced computer (1st gen Intel i& 960) with Intel i5 8500
    2. Removed catalog
    3. Added NVME drive for cache & scratch
    4. Stopped continuous backup



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