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Photo Stacking Issues and Comments



  • Gus Panella

    My results with both focus stacking and exposure stacking (hdr) in On1 are not yet to a level that I can replace other tools.   

    I did not try to find the tipping point, but I can verify that 28 images did not work for  me.

  • andrea pedrazzini

    Donald, I have similar problem with focus stacking since the first release of  PR2019

    I highlighted the issue to the ON1 support team but the issue seems not yet solved.

    give a look at this post (I attached a link to source pictures and the end result (very similar to your)




  • Robert Bibbings

    I too have found the photo stacking in On1 to be very limiting. I was not aware of the 11 photo limit. I have found an interest in astrophotography and begun trying my hand with this. My initial attempts were with my Pentax K-1ii and the results were pretty cool. The only problem with it is that the composite function built in to the camera adds each photo to the previous photo. But if there is a photo in the middle of the stack with a light anomaly there is no way to remove this photo. My Sony a6000 doesn't have this composite feature so you have 150 or more individual photos that have to be stacked. I am guessing I can stack them in groups of 10 photos and then stack the groups of stacked photos to get them all merged. Would there be a problem doing it this way? And what if I have 250 or 300 photos to stack? I guess I will have to bite the bullet and get PhotoShop to do this...Unless there is another feature in On1 2022 that can handle this.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Not that it helps, but the limitation is 14, not 11.

    Yes, others have posted here about having to do stacking in groups, then stack the groups. If you do some searching, you might find those posts.


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