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Moving cache?



  • Bill Hercus

    That is a seriously good question.  I experience considerable delays moving between Develop and Browse and , reading elsewhere it would appear that even those with serious hardward (32GB RAM for example) experience similar problems.

    2019.2 is a 'work-in-progress' and needs a lot of work to compare with the stability of most other 'serious' photographic software.

    Perhaps less emphasis on new bells and whistles and more work on the core is needed.


  • Jeff Hambleton

    My sentiments exactly. I'm giving up now. Tried everything. I relished every new upgrade over the last 3 years thinking it would get better but the delays (measured in minutes, not seconds) make the program unworkable. I bought a dedicated new laptop in case the first one was somehow faulty. The only commonality is Windows 10. I'm not changing over to apple. Couldn't afford to anyway.


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