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Clone Stamp faulty?



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Are you cloning into a blank area after adjusting the canvas?


    If so, similar question from a few months ago...

  • peter Corte

    thanks Rick  - the best option is the one posted 2 hours ago, it works beautifully.  That link you gave was great - I now understand why it happened and see how you can work around it -  I'm really grateful.  

    Here's Rick's fix: 

    Rick Sammartino
    • 2 hours ago

    Just an update on the blank Transform areas. I've discovered that if you duplicate your layer and immediately merge the two back together, the canvas will reset and you'll be able to clone into those blank areas.

  • Bron Wolff

    i am also experiencing freeze issues with the clone stamp. when i click on clone -before i can even set a anchor point it brings up the  message that ON1 clone needs you to option click for the anchor point and from then on it freezes and the anchor point is in a place where you dont want it and your mouse has no control on the image and i have to get out of edit module and start again.

    i am highly frustrated this past week with to many errors happening and freeze issues and im so hoping for a fix soon otherwise im back to luminar .

  • Vinny Giannino

    If you are zoomed into the photo 100% or greater in Windows the clone stamp tool lags. On1 is aware of the problem.

    Funny you should mention Luminar as I was going to try it to see how it compares to ON1 ... doesn't work on my machine. Their solution was to take my photos and copy them to another section and see if it works. I told them - not a good solution as all my other software sees my photos OK


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