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  • Stephen Munyan

    On1 works with my HP Spectra x360 with an NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card.  

    Just remember that laptops will always prefer the built in Intel graphics chip unless you download and install the latest drives from the nVIDIA web site, configure Windows 10 display options, and configure the nVIDIA control panel to use the nVIDIA GPUs with On1 2018.* or 2019.*.  There are instructions in the On1 knowledge base describing how to do this configuration.

    From what I can tell, 2019.* makes better use of the GPUs than 2018.*.  Both versions primarily use of the processor, but you can see the GPUs being used when you are using the Effects module.

    Here's a pointer to my laptop on the BestBuy site if you want to compare options to your proposed configuration:


  • Brandon Shelley

    Steve - Just curious if the latest Windows updates made any problems for you. 

    I've talked with support and after spending five days, I'm still baffled and have not heard from support since Thursday.

    I'm trying to install ON1 10 (the latest update) on an newer Acer Nitro with nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050.

    At this point I would switch to 2019, but with this many issues installing, not sure if I want to try - even with a 30-Day Trial.

  • Stephen Munyan


    My desktop system is running:
    - Windows 10 Build 1809 17763.379
    - On1 PhotoRAW 2019.2 (
    - Intel Core i7-7820X (16 cores), 32 GB memory, 3x Samsung SSD 512 GB
    - nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB

    On1 seems to be working fine for me. I also ran a test where I exported 268 images from my trip to Germany/Switzerland last July. The files were exported from 25 MB NEF files generated from a Nikon D7500 into high resolution JPG files. Most images contained develop changes, and 2-4 effects per image. None of the images in this export contained multiple layers. On1 background export was processing images at a rate of 9-13 images per minute depending on image complexity. On1 would have been faster if I had opted to export in the foreground.

    I am still using both 2018 and 2019.  I only shoot RAW when I'm on vacation so I haven't had a need to do heavy editing with 2019.  I became very comfortable with 2018.2 and am happy with 2018.2 performance on my system.  I will most likely take the plunge into 2019 after my next photo excursion. Up until now I've only dabbled with the new features.  As far as I can tell everything is working as expected.

    Let me know if you need me to run a similar test on my HP Spectra x360 laptop.



  • Brandon Shelley

    Thanks Steve, appreciate the info.

    Not sure if I'm able to nail down the exact culprits. I have fixed almost all of the event viewer errors. But as you may know, it could be hidden in who knows where.

    One possible issue is I am using 2 additional monitors and since I only have one HDMI into GeForce, I'm having to use the DisplayLink USB to run the other monitors. So 1 running on GeForce, the other 2 on Intel GPU.

    I did find that the DisplayLink drivers are old and in the process of updating them. But, I've read that there had been a lot of issues between nVidia and DL.

    At the end of the day, I don't think I really need to jump through all of these hoops just to see if it will work. AdobeCC works and haven't had any issues with any other items running the 2 GPUs. I mean I can use the integrated GPU, but that was the point of buying this laptop! 

    Anyway, not sure if you have dealt with any of these other issues:

    • Turning off Windows Defender AND their anti-virus is a massive undertaking, each time I try to re-install ON1, even when I "allow" ON1 to go through Defender
    • Every time I try to uninstall ON1, it tells me I have to de-register. Well, if I could actually run the program, I could do that.

    All I know is that ON1 is showing up in PS, but crashes Adobe CC. That is why I wanted to run ON1 as stand-alone.

    Thanks for listening to all my drivel, but one last thing...

    ...Support suggested I use CCleaner...which I used to use years ago. However, without my knowledge, it loaded AVAST onto my system...AND was hidden. Cleaning that mess up, took 2 full days.

    I have stuff to do!!! lol

    If ON1 wasn't so awesome, I would never jump through this many hoops!

  • Stephen Munyan

    I've heard others mention adding exclusions for On1 to their anti-virus/anti-malware software.  I run Windows Defender and MalwareBytes.  I haven't added On1 exclusions to either product.

    The only exclusion I've added to Windows Defender was for MalwareBytes.  Without that exclusion my system didn't run properly.  Everything hung or was severely delayed whenever I ran any application or attempted to view any document (including text files).

    Years ago I used CCleaner on a regular basis.  Sadly Avast purchased Priform (makers of CCleaner), and turned what was once wonderful software into a program that side-loads software without permission (e.g. malware) even for registered / paid users.  I stopped using CCleaner on all but one of my systems, and have prevented CCleaner from upgrading so I can continue to use the old version.  If Avast did get loaded on your system, you will need to go to the Avast web site and download the script to fully remove it from your system.  The Avast uninstaller doesn't fully remove the program.

    I only have one external monitor attached to each system.  My desktop has a color calibrated Dell P2715Q display.  I only use the laptop screen with my HP Spectra x360 so external adapters, USB/DisplayPort cables, etc aren't an issue.

    I've heard several people talk about display problems using USB based external monitors so i'm not surprised that strange things are happening.  The person in the office next to me at my last company ran three external displays on his Dell Latitude using on chip Intel graphics.  One of those displays was barely functional.  The other two often had screen tears, etc.  He was dealing with huge Excel spreadsheets all day so he didn't mind refreshing applications to keep things working.



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Just FYI, you don't need to worry about Deactivating, it's not a big deal.

    Even you manage to use up your 5 Activations by accident, all you have to do is sign in to your On1 account and reset them all.


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