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2019.2 Export Accuracy



  • Bron Wolff

    im having issues with exporting an edited image  the exported image is the original. it doesn't come through as the edit.

    not sure what is going on here? anyone else having these issues or am i doing something wrong :)

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Make sure you switch back to Browse before you Export. This is a temporary work around. Should be a bug fix in the next update. (Possibly around June)

    If that doesn't solve the problem for now, send in a Support request.

  • Bron Wolff

    thanks for letting me know that rick. 

  • Bill Posner

    Thanks, Rick.  I'll try the workaround. 



  • Tyler Gwilliam

    Thanks Rick. That fixed it!

  • Jason LaPrade

    I'm definitely having issues with the photos not looking the same after export.  Even with a bit of screen sharpening and the highest jpg possible, the image is much softer.  If I turn off selective sharpening and dynamic contrast they look very similar.  So I'm thinking neither of those effects are being applied on export.  Vignette, Color Enhancer, and Blur all seem to work properly.  And I've still got an issue where rotating a photo takes some sharpness away inside of On1.  Wondering if somehow this is all related.

    Been doing my exports in the browse module.

  • Martin de Jong

    I also experience issues when I export from browse, so the workaround is not without flaws.

    Imo this is such a major issue that an extra update before June is justified. 


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