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Keyword import 2019.5 (doubling my keywords)



  • Hubert Jones

    Good luck -  I have been seeing the same thing only worse.  The keywords for all my images are duplicated - once with "." separator and then again  with "<" as the separator ??   I deleted my entire keyword list and imported a good one that is setup to match the keywords in my photos but that is no good.  On1 immediately starts adding to the keywords list with what looks like random entries from some of my photos.  Using the command "Find Cataloged Photos with Keyword" almost never finds any photos even though there are thousands of photos with the selected keyword !!!   

    They have really made a mess of Key-wording !!!!    I just removed all of my cataloged folders and the keyword list just keeps growing with random BS entries.

    I am turning off all key-wording and searching and cataloging and waiting until they get around to fixing the mess !!! 

  • Gerry Whitmarsh

    Same here, a real mess. Doubled up, some with the first letter a capital. If the keyword consists of multiple words, they capitalise the first letter of each word and create a new keyword. I have no idea how I am going to restore normality, My whole workflow is based on keywords:-(

  • Andy MacBrien

    I've had the same issues with keywords and have opened a support ticket regarding same. I also found a work-around: If you create a Smart Album and tell it to search "Everything" for your keyword, it will find those images so tagged.

    Sub-optimal, perhaps, but it gets the workflow back in gear.

    While I still primarily rely on LR and PS with plugins for the majority of my workflow, I've had high hopes for On1 at least being a contender as a replacement should the need arise. They've still got a ways to go; great features, but a bit too buggy at this time.


  • Michael Miller

    Keywording not working properly. Same here, Except You Guys Are Lucky.

    You're getting keywords. I just shot 420 images and went into ON1 2021.5 to import from device, directly from my camera <ON1 doesn't allow importing from my SD reader on my laptop, nor external USB ports>.

    By default, the first image was selected and they were all checkmarked.
    I carefully filled out the import screen Including Keywords like I always do and when it started, I noticed that the first image did not have any keywords. So, I clicked off and back on another image and it did not have any keywords.
    I noted that the download was still in process, so I waited until it was done. I was in browse mode all the time. The final, downloaded pictures do not have any keywords.
    Why is this???
    I am going to start writing here on anything that goes wrong. Simple things seem to appear.
    Experience: started with Lightroom beta 1 all the way up to Creative Cloud subscription. Switched to ON1 with 2019 (yes, I miss the Move function. I regularly edit on my fastest drive and then Move my images to working storage or NAS. ON1 does not take Albums nor Catalog designation over to other physical drives.)
  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The best place to write about anything that goes wrong is to technical support.

    How to submit a problem to ON1 Tech Support - A Step-by-step Guide

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I think not being able to use the USB port is a problem with your system. I import via USB all the time.

    As I said on Facebook, without seeing what your setup looks like I can't say if the keyword thing is a bug or a setup problem. If you think it's a bug, document it and contact On1 as Brian suggested.


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Michael, I just tested this in the latest beta build and they keywords I applied were added to the imported image. If this is a bug in the program, as opposed to something corrupted on your system, and it has been fixed support would know and should tell you if you choose to report it to them. If it is a corrupting issue you should be able to fix it by deleting settings or if necessary resetting the program.

    The problem I have with assigning them during Import is that it isn't reading from the Keyword List so everything has to be typed in exactly right for nested keywords or things get messed up.


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