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How to save ON1 files to edit later


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  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    When you say, "opening files again", are you referring to the original RAW file or the exported jpeg or psd? The exported files have the edits and masks "baked" into them, this is what is happening when you see the Rendering progress dialog. There is no need for them any longer.

    If you are talking about going back to your original RAW file it will depend upon how you are using ON1 PhotoRAW 2019. If you are using the program as an plug-in to some other editing package those edits to the raw file may be discarded when you return to the sending program depending upon how you send the image to ON1. To preserve the ON1 edits when sending your image from Photoshop you need to first convert the layer you want to process to a Smart Object. The User Guide for ON1 talks about preserving changes made in ON1 on page 19.

    If you use ON1 as a standalone processor all the edits and masks should still be there and if they are not you should contact technical support about it.



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