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Problem with Wacom tablet



  • Stephen Drew

    They told me pre 2020 launch it would be addressed.

    I am guessing they haven't bothered. My Cinitiq 13 works fine in everything else, but has been nothing but bother since they broke it 2019.2.

    Currently I use PL3, Affinity and NIK as I want something that 'just works' not fanny around altering graphics settings every 2 mins, which might or might not work.

    Until they get their act together I will not be upgrading and I will not be recommending them to anyone.

  • Bill Maynard

    I received a response from support which was the windows ink response that apparently has worked for a few but it made no difference for me.  I’m glad to hear you mention that Nik works, I will revert to Photoshop and Nik to get my work done.  In ON1 I spend more time resolving issues then actually getting my photos edited.  Like you I will revisit when they have a fix as I do like the platform but I do need to get my work done .

  • Sandra Chung

    I got a response from Support.



    We still have an open bug with Wacom functionality that is being held up as the bug is in a developer tool we use for code building (QT) that is still causing some issues with Wacom functionality for some users.

    Unfortunately, I don't have an immediate solution.

    Regards, ******
  • Kevin Pinkerton

    So here is the rub... how important is the Wacom bug to them? Before I retired, I also used QT as a foundation for important software (military). And yes, QT can have bugs in it. BUT, as a developer, ON1 has the source code to everything in QT and ON1 can debug and fix the issue and make a version of that QT module for their own use. I had to do that a couple of times when I wrote software using QT. I was watching a training video in Capture One on their use of layers yesterday. They have a slider called "flow" that effectively allow for amazing masking that using the tablet. And on the webinar, a user asked the trainer if he used pen pressure (from the wacom) and he said that for him anyway, flow pretty much did away with the need for pressure. And I have to agree there. 


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