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I'm feeling very sick



  • Joao Leitao

    Many things i supose, specially for PC's. I Hope they listen their clients and fix things, remove this version until is ok.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Contact tech support and get 2019.2 back to use until they fix it.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    You know, I'm going through older edits and I'm just not seeing the problems being posted (in any thread). I did, however, do a clean install by completely removing the 2019.2 version first.

    If anyone who's having problems and wants to try it I'd like to know if it helps.


  • jean-pierre delmur

    Rick, maybe you are lucky man .All these trial and error are just DIY. It is not normal and even outrageous to deliver such a failing software. the price per year is not very far from the ADOBE subscription, for something unusable. For my part I have problems since version 2017.........

    Luckily, I use Photoshop CS6 and LR 6 (perpetual version), which does not induce a cost, but I think the people who pay the subscription and purchase ON1, must have really enough.

  • Colin Grant

    Apart from my original exif issue (capture date on raf files), which I have now overcome, I have not seen any huge issues. That said old edits do not look quite the same to me, they seem lighter, and I am not sure that the software is any faster, seems slower in fact, but not a lot and that is when working with a non-catalogued folder. Much testing to do but thus far there is nothing that makes me feel comfortable enough to ditch Adobe.

  • Clayton Dool

    I cannot comment for 2019.2 as I just purchased and only been playing around for few days, but after upgrading to 2019.5 I notice that anytime I export a dng to another app (tried multiple apps and same result), selecting original file, not apply changes, PhotoRaw touches the original dng and changes the header of the file, corrupting the exif and rendering it non-viewable (as photo) by windows 10.  Not happy with 2019.5 (nor On1 in general) right now.  Already opened support case for this


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