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Poor 2019.5 update



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    You don't say anything about the problems you are having or which OS you are running so it's hard to give you any advice.


    I updated to Raw 2019.5. I can see start up and my picture catalog. Then.. I select 'edit'.. total black screen!! I can't see anything!! No menu, I can't even go back.. SO have to exit! I have sent info to support with pic two days ago. No news yet.. 

  • Terry Loewenberg

    I totally agree!! I'm finding 2019.5 to be a major disappointment! Speed improvements? Not noticeable, if at all. History pane, they must be kidding... who wants a history pain that only shows the current session. And to top it off, I have had more freezes and crashes since installing 2019.5 than all previous versions combined. And that's after going through all the suggested fixes, i.e. removal and reinstall, graphics driver updating and tweaking, preference given to high performance graphics when running..... I'm not going to revert to 2019.2, the next step if the performance continues will be to uninstall and go back to LR 5.7! Major disappointment. I totally sympathize!!


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