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Keywords and their implementation in ON1 Photo RAW



  • Hubert Jones

    I agree 100%. 

    It is really worse that everything you have said and I see NO effort to fix the problem !

    I can not even use my computer as 2019.5 continuously goes into  "Not Responding" for minutes at a time.

    I have used On1 for more than 4 years but I am ready to move on  -- they can't or won't remove the bugs so that the system is useable !!!!

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    There are fixes for keywording coming, they are working on it.

  • D. Michael Reyman

    I hope the fix is solid and available soon.  I suspect many users who really want to establish a keyword hierarchy, like me, have a lot of keywords in older files that need to be cleaned up.  On1 2019.5 as released is unusable for this task and for keywording in general.  Seems like this important new feature in the release was not tested in any rigorous way before release.

     Mike R.


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