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How to stop notifications?



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    When you receive a notification, the very last thing on the email is a link to stop them.

  • Paul Meachen

    In addition to Rick's suggestion, at the top right of the first post in each thread you're getting notification for click on the word Unfollow.  Whenever you comment you start following that thread by default.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I tried clicking the link in the email and all it did is take me back here. Not sure if it actually did anything. The unfollow may be the only option, but that means you may have to unfollow each post individually.

    Ok, I see that if you go to the main screen of each of the 4 areas, at the top is a drop down that has an unfollow option.

  • Donald Wyllie

    Ah! Hadn't noticed "Unfollow." I started in the days of B & W film. Thanks.

    As a matter of interest I tried all the various suggestions in various threads about graphics cards and C++. Now Photo Raw starts and is ready to use in 15 seconds. This is with 870Gb of images. Lightroom starts in the same time and Luminar takes several agonizing minutes. And no lags when using adjustment sliders! Almost ready for prime time!



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