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Falling back to 19.2 from 19.5 destroyed my work!



  • Greg Henton

    I had a similar problem when I rolled back to 2019.2, anything I had worked on in 2019.5 was unviewable, and sometimes would crash 2019.2 just trying to open it in the edit module.  Ultimately, I simply had to hit the reset all button to get the images to be editable again.  Unlike you,  I am not willing to go back to 2019.5 as I have found that among the other bugs, the export module has some serious issues, at least for me, of unpredictability  exporting low res images.  An image editor that can't save the work you do is worthless to me, so until that's fixed, I'm not going back.  My interactions with tech support haven't been reassuring though, as the replies I get don't seem to acknowledge that this is a problem, so maybe it just my set up, although I have a standard mac setup.


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    There were major changes in how things are done under the hood in the .5 update. You cannot expect the .2 version to understand what was done with .5, it simply isn't possible.


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