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2019.5 update



  • Marius Ribitzki

    Program crashes when trying to apply adjustments in the develop and effects modules. It happens on two very fast, but different laptops. Noise Reduction is almost not working ( in develop or effect section ), so developing of Milkyway Images ( over ISO 2500 ) and similary "night" images is not possible. VERY SLOW (!!) Export of ready, developed pictures! Until now I didn`t notice the promissed quality of ON1 2019-2 software. Unfortunately it is working much worse. Absolutely the same are saying a few of my photo-friends, who use the same ON1 2018, and now ON1 2019. I hope you make it better soon! Regards, M.Ribitzki, Germany.

  • Wayne Gallagher

    I agree with both above, 2019.5 has issues that I can not work around. I have tried dropping back to 2019.2 but now it does not respond as it used too.

    Other things that I find to be a step back rather than forward:

    1. The resize in the export area, it always defaults back to pixels even after I change it to inches to make my photos sized the way I would like, I can not persist this. It also does not work as it did in 2019.2, and I personally don't like what it does. It is difficult to get sizes I need for my work as it used to.

    2. Masking brush icon in the center has changed, and I can barley see it. It does not change size when I change the brush size, and it is now an "equals" sign for remove and a "hashtag" for add, but they are so small it is hard to tell the difference. Again, personally I like the bigger format + - in 2019.2.

    3. In the crop tool, the marks for moving the crop have also changed and are smaller, more difficult to grab. Takes longer to find them they are so small.

    4. We are still waiting for the sliders on the top and bottom to be resized again, we were told that was something that enough folks had commented about it would be done, it is not.

    5. WACOM not working. The workhorse of my work flow is out of commission. I can use it as a mouse, but that is not what I bought it for, and this is the piece of editing equipment that makes my photo shine. This is crippling. Last word from tech support, maybe a few weeks.

    6. Told to return to 2019.2 in the interim, something that was changed apparently persists, and now 2019.2 does not work like it used to either. Wacom slow at best, crashes the system at worst. Any of the photos that I did manage to edit (and there were not many) now crash the computer and will not open.

    Not too happy right now. My production is practically at a stand still.



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