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Limited printing capabilities



  • Gerry Whitmarsh


    I emailed Canon about just this, as I was also thinking of buying an imagePROGRAF PRO-100 . They replied that there was no support for ON1 and it was not on their 2do list. 


  • David Kick

    Michael if you are asking about the print studio plug-in like the one available for Lightroom unfortunately the answer is no.Wish that wasn't the case I used to use that plug-in in LR all the time. 

    From Canon's website "Print Studio Pro is compatible with Digital Photo Professional (ver 2.1 or later), Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and AdobePhotoshop Lightroom."

  • Michael Mansfield

    Thanks, Gerry and David, for your quick responses.

    I do my printing at present from Lightroom, and have to say it is brilliant. I hope On1 can improve on the current Print options in the future, so I can cut the cord with Adobe.

    On1 2019.5 does everything else I need!

    Thanks again,



  • John Kinchin

    Hope the print module can be a focus for the ON1 team. I have to do all my printing from LR5 to use my pro100S. The print module is one of the weakest features of ON1

  • Ken Galbraith

    I have printed to my Canon 100S directly from ON1 since I first switched to ON1RAW 2019. Since then I've upgraded to 2020, 2020.5, and now 2021.

    I set the colour in ON1 print to "let the printer manage colour" and use the Canon printer screen to set all my default paper sizes, border or borderless print, etc.




  • John Kinchin

    I have printed many photos from ON1, but when it comes to specialist papers and sizes it is not that easy. I agree you can print from ON1, but it doesn't allow me to use print studio pro (which I appreciate is a plug in for photoshop and so will not work with ON1). I have a fully colour calibrated system and colour calibrate all my printer papers, hence want to have control over the printing process. I hold by my comment, even as a fan of ON1, that the print module is a weakness.


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