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2019.5 patches?



  • Gus Panella

    The correct information would probably come from this source.


  • Angus Gibbins

    Currently I have about 7 tickets open with On1 Support, I know they're busy but I think they've forgotten about me at this point.

  • Alessandro Scuderi

    I also have a ticket open and they know the multiple trouble of the users and say in one (one is half passed) or two weeks they release a new patch and fixes.

    Mine was primarly many crashes at the opening of On1, but after reinstalled and deleted the log file, the crashes are diminished but i have increase slowliness on use effects and brushes (before was much faster).

    The only real benefit of 2019.5 is the export now function in seconds for every picture i develop with few or many effects it takes really few second to export.

    Hope the balance all the rest to use On1 as is was intended to do.

  • Tom Murray

    The boilerplate reply I received:


    Thank you for contacting ON1 Support.

    We apologize for the issues you are experiencing with our latest 2019.5 update.
    We have identified some bugs and are currently working to address these issues.
    We will be releasing an update to address these issues soon, but I do not have an exact ETA at this time.

    We have logged a bug with our development team and linked your support ticket to this open bug.
    We will keep you updated with any updates or fixes as they become available.
    Unfortunately I do not have an immediate fix for the problem.

    If you would like to roll back to our previous version, you can download and install from this link:

    Thanks for your patience while we work to address and fix the issue.
    Let us know if you need further assistance. Thanks for choosing and using ON1 Software!



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