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How can I re-install 2019.2 after installing 2019.5



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    You can download the 2019.2 installer at 

  • William Brown

    I tried that and found you need to uninstall 2019.5, it is a workaround until they debug 2019.5

  • Allan Binderup Jensen

    Thank you for this... Getting desperate here :)

  • Xiahui Tan

    Thanks for the replies. Yes, indeed, I had to uninstall 2019.5 and then re-install 2019.2. Since I was not even able to perform any photo edits with 2019.5, I don't appear to have caused any untoward changes to my edits once I had On1 Photoraw restored back to t2019.2. This is a real shame, I was really looking forward to the 2019.5 update. I would appreciate it more if the team at On1 spent more time beta testing their updates. 2019.5 in its current state is more like a beta version not fit for public release. 


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