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Import Question



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    In the top left corner is a dropdown box, click the arrow and select Choose. You'll get a browser to select the source.

    Setting the destination is trickier because there are many options depending on what you want to do. Primarily you need to select the destination folder, then set whatever options you need. You'll need to say what that is if you need help with it.

    Keep in mind that you don't need to use import, you can just copy those photos manually if it's easier.

    Import is described on page 45 of the 2019.5 user guide.


  • Peter Pfeiffer

    Thanks Rick, I've been using import for some time now by using the selector ... specifically how do I permanently CHANGE the default to my card reader?

    I use the folder system ie C:\images\year\\## month\## description The problem I have - when choosing a new folder for import the folder is created c:|images\NEW FOLDER

    In Preferences files section my default browse location is C:\images... If I were to change that to c:\images\2019 would the remaining months be visible from which to select? 

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Just playing with the source selection, you may not be able to make that permanent. I've never had a problem with it, it always selects my camera when I plug it in and I thought it would remember the previous setting, but it doesn't seem to. Even making a preset doesn't seem to save that option even though on page 46 it says that it does...

    Photo RAW makes it easy to save often-used import settings—things like copyright information and other metadata, file-naming conventions, import locations and more—as a preset.

    Give that a try yourself, if it doesn't work, report it as a bug.

    As for the Date options, I'm assuming you use the same base folder (images) all the time, so if you select Organize by YYYY/MM/DD they should all go into the same base folder and 2019 will be reused each time for your 2019 images. You can test this yourself, just make a temp destination folder somewhere and import some of your already imported photos to it. Try some different dates to see how they nest.


  • Walter Reichelt

    I have a Probleme to change the current import path on right top of corner. The current path is not possible the modify it. I will avoid to type in the hole path plus again plus some modifications. It would be great that if a finder (explorer) windows would popup where I can choose or create a new directory.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The way I use Import is to navigate to the folder I will want them to be imported to, usually creating a new folder at that time. In the Import dialog I leave the destination at Current Browse Location. It simplifies things for me as I'm almost always going to want to be in that folder after the import so I can start culling the photos. Might as well go there first.

    Walter, click in the Location field and hold the mouse button down to see a pop-up list of locations you've imported to recently, your cataloged folders, and at the bottom of the list is the option Choose… which will give you a file open dialog where you can navigate to wherever you like for the photos to be imported to. No, you cannot just type in the path you want, you have to go through the Choose… option.


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