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Local adjustment mask lags / blury



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    This is normal. A new Performance slider was added to the Preferences > System tab to control how fast the blurring comes up. See 189 of the new User Guide for a complete explanation.

  • Tihomir Serbic


    Thomas also complained about masking brush lagging. That is NOT NORMAL and the Performance slider will not resolve it.

    As tone of other Photo RAW users, I also have problem with masking brushes being very slow and severely lagging behind mouse strokes making any masking job painfully slow and inaccurate.

    I have tried everything found in this forum but nothing helped. I do believe the Photo RAW 2019 has some programing issues from the beginning and v. 2019.5 did not resolve them.

    The whole experience for this product been frustrating and disappointing. The ON1 needs to finally address these ongoing issues ASAP before photographer's community leaving Adobe turns away from Photo RAW as well and look somewhere else.

  • Wayne Gallagher

    I too am seeing this slowness and performance with brushing, more with the tablet (Wacom) then the mouse. I have also noticed it the gradient on the local adjustment has many issues, including slow response to brushing, softening details in the photos, muddy colors to name some.

    I have not been able to resolve this issue, what I can say and hopefully it is helpful, my tablet worked better in Beta 1.




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