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How do I make it show me the UI on the sides of the screen?



  • David Kick

    On Windows it's the ctrl+Left arrrow or Ctrl+Right Arrow I think on Mac OS it's CMD+Right or left arrows.

    There are also buttons at the very bottom left and bottom right - The Icon looks like this just click that

  • Kathleen Mattson

    Thanks, David. Cmd-Right and Cmd-Left don't do anything.  Also, there are no view-mode icons on the bottom (I recognize it though -- when I first open the app I see those icons on the bottom, but then it goes into this maddening full-screen mode).

    But get this: Just now I thought I would try to get a screenshot of what this looks like to post in this reply, so I did a Ctrl-Option-Shift-4 to do that (I use ScanSnap), then went into the ScanSnap UI to save the file. When I went back into On1 -- ***it was back in the proper mode!**

    I'm so mystified.

    Anyway -- thank you very much for your answer. Although indirectly, it solved my problem! If I ever figure this out, I'll be sure to return here to post the answer for any other list souls this might happen to.


  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Kathleen, there is a list of Keyboard shortcuts at the end of the User Guide. In addition to Davids suggestions, the TAB key hides/reveals both panels at once. and for Mac, there is CMD-SHIFT-F for full screen on/off.

  • brian osborne

    This just happened to me in On1 2023.5 on my Mac.

    Discovered I somehow got into "Dual Mode". When I moved the window which was missing the sidebars, I discovered a window behind which had the sidebars. I closed the window I didn't want and all was ok. Looks like I accidentally hit the icon at the bottom-left of the screen which looks like 2 monitors stacked on each other. (Can't figure out how to attach an image of the icon).....Brian






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