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Retouch reset




  • David Kick

    At the top menu bar select -- Edit - Undo  or keyboard shortcut CTRL + Z this will undo your last action. So if you made a retouch stroke you want removed simply Undo. You can Undo multiple times to undo as many actions as you like. Altenatively if you click on the History tab on the upper right panel you will see a list of actions you have made during the current edit session. You can double click on the last action you want to return to and all the actions after that one will be undone.  Note this only works during the current edit session, once you go back to browse the Undo feature is lost. Once you go back to browse and return to Edit you would have to "Reset all Retouch Tools" to eliminate retouch brush strokes. 

  • Donald Wyllie

    Geez! Where was my brain? 20 years of Lightroom will do that to you.

    Thanks for your help.


  • David Kick

    You are welcome Donald.


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