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Highlight adjustment off?



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Looking at the photo while adjusting, it's hard to say if the shadows are actually darker or if it's just an illusion because the highlights are so bright, but looking at the levels, all of the sliders affect the entire range in some way. From what I can see, only the Black and White adjustments have no effect on the other end.

  • Michael Mansfield

    Clayton, I haven't noticed anything wrong with the Highlights slider on my Windows PC.

    Are you able to see what is happening to your Histogram (Levels Tab) while you move the slider? That should give you another visual clue as to what is happening.

  • Clayton Dool

    Michael, looking at histogram for a (poorly poorly judging) photo, I am seeing two peaks:  one to the left and one to the right of center:

    • Whites:  increasing - shadows stretch to right, highlights move to right.
    • Blacks:  increasing - shadows move to right, highlights condense.
    • Midtones:  increasing - everything slides to right
    • Shadows: increasing - everything slides to right 

    All looks and behaves as I would expect.

    • Highlights: increasing - highlights barely start to shift right, then stop.  Shadows start shifting to left.

    This is what I find very odd.  Is algorithm doing something to protect image from clipping, so trying to darken rather then blow out the highlights? 

    Above is done on image that was correctly exposed (more or less).  Underexposed image has very little highlights so impact.  But on an over-exposed image, highlights works correctly.

    Ultimately, it makes the highlights slider unusable as I have seen this behavior on multiple normal exposed photos.  I am falling back to my suspicion above, it has something to do with clipping.  

  • Lionel Delannoy

    I have reported the same issue on Mac with the 2020.1 version.

    Here is what i found :

    When working with PSD and TIFF files the highlight slider make changes on the shadows but not the highlights.

    When reducing highlight (pushing the slider on the left) it decrease the shadows (make darker parts clearer) but is not reducing highlights. When pushing the slider on the right it darken shadow but is not boosting highlights.

    The Highlight slider is working as expected with RAW files though.

    I've asked to the support but they said that is normal and have been designed like this, i think it's strange.

    I have found nothing regarding this on the manual. Such a special choice like this should be documented in the manual i think...

  • Dean Roker

    I have exactly the same issue with 2022. drag the highlights to the left and the bottom end of the histogram moves to the right rather than the top end of the histogram moving to the left.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I think this may be an image dependent thing. I just did some highlight recovery on blown out clouds and I'm definitely seeing the right end of the histogram being pulled down and moved to the left.

    Just like you can make a photo more yellow by reducing the amount of blue as opposed to adding red & green, you can do some highlight recovery by adding more shadow detail to the bright areas.


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