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Macbook Pro performance



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I'm assuming you are running on a 2015 13" MacBook Pro?

    That model does not have a dedicated GPU which will definitely impact the program's performance as it utilizes the GPU extensively.

    I keep my photos on an external SSD drive. This makes it much easier to migrate my images when I get a new computer. Also, I have more photos than will fit on my internal drive. :) I also have a 2nd external 120GB SSD that is dedicated to ON1's scratch space and holding the program's browser preview cache. That removes the space requirements for the cache from my small (only 256GB) boot drive. It also allows the scratch space I/O to be on a drive that isn't doing any other kind of I/O and that boosts performance a lot. Each drive is on a separate connection to the computer, you don't want the scratch drive connected to a hub or you start sharing I/O through the hub again.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I believe the program has memory leaks but that is just my opinion, I'm not an ON1 employee, just another user like yourself. I use a program called Memory Diag that continuously monitors memory usage and will flush it when it starts to get too full or when I tell it to. When ON1's memory use starts climbing too high I will quit the program and flush memory.

    Also, with only 8GB of RAM I would not keep other programs running in the background. My MacBook Pro has 16GB and occasionally I will quit other programs to free up more system resources for PhotoRAW's use. I run the BOINC (SETI@home) screensaver and I have to turn that off when editing photos as it makes extensive use of the GPU and RAM and slows PR's performance too much.

    If you have any anti-virus or spam monitoring software installed, make sure that it is not live monitoring the ON1 cache space or your photos folder. There is so much I/O going on to those locations that the monitors are always trying to rescan those folders with every change and that causes a huge performance hit.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    One other thing, welcome to the group! :)

  • Craig Cameron

    Thanks Brian,

    Also thanks for the welcome :)

    Last night I resorted to copying single pictures to my MAC, doing the edits on there and then moving them back to my external drive. It seemed to help somewhat...


  • Tom Murray

    I have always though that the on1 minimum requirements were too generous.  


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