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Can you please fix ON1 buggy software before adding any new features.




  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    This is not likely a software problem. If it's not working for you then it's some conflict with your PC. If you would like you know WHY, then open a support request and include the info mentioned in this article.

    You need to contact On1 about this. We are just other users in this forum.

  • Steven Spurlock

    I did early on with NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER.


  • Stephen Munyan


    I can sympathize with your frustration, but this is why On1 and all other Photoshop/Lightroom clones offer a free trial period. 

    The reason I moved away from Photoshop was that I had a copy of Photoshop CS6 that worked with my old Nikon camera.  When I upgraded to a Nikon D7500 Photoshop stopped working.  I contacted Adobe technical support who told me that I needed to upgrade.  I paid my upgrade fee, downloaded software (that didn't offer a trial), and was disappointed that my camera still wasn't supported.  I called Adobe back and was told that my upgrade price was not refundable, and that I would now need to sign up for the monthly fee.  After being burned, I decided to try several of the Photoshop clones.  On1 worked the best for my needs so I purchased a license after making use of a 3 week trial period where I test drove several products during that time I used Anthony Morganti's photo editing tutorials to quickly get up to speed on each package.

    I am a Software Engineering manager with over 30 years of experience.  Adobe isn't perfect, On1 isn't perfect, no one is.  Find something that works for you, and get back to enjoying that wonder that is Photography and the post processing creativity offered by tools such as On1, Photoshop, etc.  Life is what we make of it.  

    As an aside, 

    I agree with Rick, if you are unable to successfully install the software, this is most likely due to a configuration issue with something on your computer.  I have successfully installed several versions of On1 on three different versions of Windows with different CPUs, graphics cards, memory configurations, display technologies, etc.  

    Installation and startup issues are normally caused by problems with anti-virus, anti-malware, firewalls, etc.  Problems getting On1 to work with specific video cards are normally caused by incorrectly configured video drivers, and operating system configuration issues.  I've personally worked through two such issues with the On1 technical support team.

    I hope that Adobe's software works for you.  I wish you the best in your photographic adventure.



  • Kahlie Support manager

    Hey Steven, looking at your last support request, we offered troubleshooting solutions based on your video card. We didn't hear back from you after this. Were you able to follow the troubleshooting instructions? You can view your previous support requests here: 

  • Gerard Szejwach

    I am sorry to say that I fully agree with Steven Purlock, as I am quite frustrated too. I have switched to an ON1 competitor since the release of ON1 2019.5 (the later release which was supposed to correct some of the essential bugs did not address my other issues). I was informed early June 2019 that these were recognized as bugs and that they were being currently addressed, but today, I was told that work was still in progress.

    I have the latest version of the Dell XPS-15 laptop (2GB NVIDVI additional video card, 16Gb of RAM, i7 8th generation 500GB of SSD memory. I have followed all the instructions provided by the ON1 support team concerning the settings of the video card drivers etc...I am an IT qualified professional and semi-professional photographer user of photo editing software starting with Lightroom 3. I am also a contributing member of several photo forums.

    When I read that my problems are probably due to a system configuration issue, I have to laugh (or cry) because the problems I am having, for instance, with the copy and paste settings (the computer hangs and I have to reboot ON1) did not exist with the original ON1 2019 version on my XPS-15. Does it mean that the 2019.5 version requires a more powerful PC than my XPS-15 version with dedicated memory card? If this is the case, ON1 should update its PC requirements.. 

    I really like the ON1 RAW concept and wish I could work with it, but I have now concluded that the product is not reliable for normal PC users in its current version. (I cannot speak for Mac users) and I also feel that potential PC buyers should stay away, or be properly advised, at least until the major bugs are being fixed.


  • Steven Spurlock

    We are finally getting somewhere with the latest update 2019.6, this is the most stable I've seen RAW 2019. It's been months since I've been able to just launch the program without it freezing. I think they owe the Windows users a free upgrade considering I've used the program very little in the last 9 or 10 months. I was ready to move away from Lightroom and Photoshop, but that has been delayed this year.

    Too much focus on Mac's only. 

    It's not totally fixed yet, at least it's usable for now!



  • Charles Ragucci

    2019.6 still has issues. I said this before in my posts "STOP adding eye candy and fix the software."  

  • Steven Spurlock

    I strongly agree!!

  • David Kick

    Not saying people don't have issues but personally I do believe many problems are systems driven. Very few people post system specs when calling out issues. I do think that On1 depends heavily on system resources and correct configuration for your video cards. That said On1 2019 runs very well on my Windows 10 machine. 


    CPU: Intel I5-8400 CPU @ 2.8 GHz
    Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO WiFi (Intel LGA1151/Z390/ATX/2xM.2 Gaming Motherboard)
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB DDR4 RAM
    GPU: GeForce RTX 2060 - 6GB RAM - Nvidia Studion Driver 431.7
    OS: Windows 10 Home edition 64 bit Ver 1903 Build 18362.175

    Drive Configuration:
    OS and On1 on Primary internal SSD
    ON1 Scratch and browse folders on 2nd internal SSD
    Photos stored and edited on 3rd internal SSD

    Photo Raw 2019.6

    Antivirus: Norton Internet Security

    Pointing devices:
    Kensington Trackball -- driver 1.31
    Wacom Intuos PT S --- Driver 6.3.34-3

  • Brian Davies

    This latest version is really strange. It does not read Canon M50 .cr3 files, and no, they are not the compressed files. If I apply Effects to any of my images and do a Quick Export - I get varying nonsense outputs. E.g. I had applied an effect which gives a vignette type frame and the only thing which exported was the frame itself. I deleted the frame and deleted a separate vignette beneath that and did another Quick Export. The exported image was a 6000px x 4000px histogram!!! I am not kidding, it created a file the size of my camera's images, but the file contained an enlarged image of the histogram I had on display in the Levels palette. Totally bizarre behaviour LOL.


    Other than that, on DNG files and .cr2 files it is running very fast, quicker than previous versions.


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