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Different color from ON1 Editor and other image viewers



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Not sure I understand the question. Are the Irfan and XnView images of the original file or of the exported file from On1? If they are On1s exported file then they should look the same as your edits before export. If they don't, then you should submit a Support request and attach examples (or link to this page in the request).

  • David Kick

    I just did a little research regarding Irfanview and Adobe RGB. It seems like many people see this issue with Adobe RGB. I would suggest converting to sRGB on export and see if that helps. Note: You would want to compare the jpg  sRGB file in all viewers including On1. The colors might differ slightly from the original raw viewed in On1 since you are changing color space but I think that is what is happening in the other viewers since they may not support Adobe RGB. One thing you are not comparing in your post is the exported JPG in Adobe vs the Raw in Adobe both in On1. 

  • andrea pedrazzini

    Thanks for the replies.

    Rick, the Irfan and XnView images are the exported files from On1 adopting the Adobe RGB color space.

    As suggested by David I tried to export them in sRGB color space but the result is the same (see image below, this is how I can see with XnView the exported file using sRGB color space).

    This is an issue since all the time spent during editing is wasted if I can not replicate the same color with very common (and powerful) image editors (It is most likely that people uses standard tools like XnView and Irfan rather than ON1 Browser to see shared images)

    Do you have similar issues on XnView or Irfan? 

  • Jeff Lambert

    If XnView or irFan support color management, they should show you the right color, if not, than they would show you the color with your monitor profile, without going through the proper conversion from a CMS. On1 uses a CMS to show you accuratly the color of your images, if you use an image browser that doesn't support a CMS, than I don't know what to tell you. On macOS, the system is all color managed and even preview will show you the correct colors but I know it's somewhat different on Windows. Normally an image tagged with Adobe RGB will look desaturated when viewed in a program that doesn't support color management because it doesn't know how to interpret the RGB values and just sends them as is to your monitor. I would suggest to use the right tool for the job, if XnView and irfan don't support color management, then don't use them! If your sure that your audience for looking at your image will use those tool, than I would worry too much about the accuracy of the color anyway because clearly, they don't care about it. 

    For the record, Adobe RGB would't be the best choice for viewing image on the screen for a main stream purpose, like others have said, sRGB would be a better choice because it's a smaller gammut that will display mostly correctly on almost all devices. And as for web browser, even those that don't support color management will suppose that the image is in sRGB even if it's not tagged as such or if they don't care.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • andrea pedrazzini


    thank you for the support. Few comments:

    I tried to export the pictures in sRGB but the result is the same as showed in the previous picture. 

    I typically use XnView and Irfan View because them are able to manage CMS  on the contrary of Windows viewer which is not able. Since I use widegamut monitor (BenQ SW271) to edit and show the images, I would like to keep all the benefit provided by the widegamut feature. This is the reason why I prefer to export in Adobe RGB.

    Would it be possibile than ON1 is not properly set read the my monitor profile (I typically calibrate it every 2/3 months) ? How can I check it? 

  • Michael Mansfield

    Hi, Andrea

    I've been playing around with IrfanView and XnView, and have concluded that they are not, as standard, properly Colour Managed in the way that On1 (or any other mainstream Photo editing apps) are.

    1. On1 is showing you the correct colours

    2. For any attempt to apply Colour Management to IrfanView you have to have have the Plug-ins installed

    3. I couldn't find any easy way to apply Colour Management in XnView.

    4. I also view Images in Windows Photos, and have them displaying correctly, just as in On1.

    5. I agree with you that what your "audience" will see on their screen is more important, and most people     will probably see the image differently on their chosen image viewer/screen.

    Finally, Andrea, I really do hope you can find a suitable work flow to meet your needs - I know it is important to you. Good luck.

  • Jeff Lambert

    Andrea, just to be sure, did you try to export your image in sRGB, than look at it in ON1? I'm asking because it would be possible that the colours you are trying to see in sRGB are just outside of its color gamut. I don't think this is the issue since the oranges should convert fine in sRGB but it's another thing to consider. 

    As for checker if On1 reads the right profile, I would assume it does. Photo Raw works internally in Pro photo RGB, which has the biggest of gamut of them all. When you output your file, you will therefore have to reduce from that big gamut to something with a smaller gamut like Adobe RGB or even smaller with sRGB. To my knowledge photo Raw doesn't give you any choice and I could find what method it uses to make that conversion. Adobe uses it's own engine and provides 4 method to "scale" the gamut from one profile to another. Relative colorimetric is best for most usage but you might want to have use for the other method depending of your final intent.

    Anyway, all that to say I have no clue what's wrong on your windows pc since I use a Mac and everything "just work" as far as color management is concerned;-) I also think like Michael that irfanview and xnView have a peculiar way of dealing with color management and you should NOT use those tools as a reference as to how this should work. Like I said, on Mac, the finder, preview, Safari are all color managed, and On1, Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Lightroom, Photos are all app that use color management in a "professional" way.

    Nice display by the way that BenQ:-) Anyway, sorry I can't help you more than that and I understand now why you want to keep Adobe RGB as your output profile for yourself. BUT, in your initial message, you were talking about sharing those picture and the concern was that if they were viewed by someone else, they should be able to see it in all their glory saturation. That means that all your viewer would need to have a monitor supporting a wide gamut with near Adobe RGB coverage or the DCP3 like LG ultra fine 5k or something similar. I'm guessing that most user don't have those monitor unless you are very fortunate to know only people who can afford and have a desire to own such fancy monitor. (I'm one of those:-)) but hey, I'm a retoucher so I kind of have too, right?

  • andrea pedrazzini


    with Photo Raw you can assign a color space to a picture when you export the file (export > file type > go to the second scroll box) while differently for Photoshop, LR or other tools such as XnView you can not assign any ICC profile (this is a limitation that I hope ON1 will solve soon)    

    I calibrated the monitor and verified that XnView got the new generated ICC profile. I also verified that the color space was that exported from ON1. So I'm sure that the XnView Color Management System is properly working.

    What it is really strange is that after the calibration, the images presented in the ON1 browser are less vivid and similar to those previously showed in XnView…. I can not undestand why, but what is impartant is that I can have the same rappresenttion of colors in ON1 and other Image Viewers   

  • andrea pedrazzini

    This is the screen shot of the ON1 editor taken before the monitor calibration


    This is the screen shot taken after the monitor calibration (no modification has been carried out on the picture)

  • Jeff Lambert

    andreas, Like I said, On1's working color space is ProPhoto, which is a HUGE gamut compared to the very small sRGB, so when you are looking at a RAW image in ON1, you are seeing it with the Prophoto color space. Lightroom does the same by the way but you can use Soft Proofing in the Develop module and select the sRGB, Adobe RGB or Display P3 for the profiles. On1 doesn't have that fonctionnality yet.

    So If you see the correct color once exported, meaning they are all in sRGB and less saturated, then it's because the sRGB color profile is just too small for the color you want to see, or the way ON1 decides to scale the gamut isn't optimal for you image. If you have access to lightroom Classic the latest version, maybe you could see what it looks like in it and compare?

    You could also send me the image, if you can and I can check what happens on my end with the RAW and on1photo side car file.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    ON1 also has soft proofing. In the edit module go to View > Enable Soft Proofing. Then use the View > Profiles command to select the profile you wish to use for viewing the image. See page 172 in the User Guide for more info.

  • Jeff Lambert

    Thanks Brian, I didn't know ON1 had added that. I also see you can change the intent, so maybe Andreas can check if it makes a difference from perceptual to relative.

  • DivLem

    I see also a different 

    I uploaded a foto to ON1 Gallery, I work with Prophoto colorprofile, wrong view

    I export (sent to) to Apple photo's = correct view

    The first one is Apple Photo

    The second one is ON1 Gallery

    It seems the bleu's are gone (I see this before when I using Lut's)


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