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Upgrade Cost, where is the savings?



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    On1 always releases a new version at the end of every year, so if you just bought On1 sometime this year, then, yes the first upgrade will happen in less than a year from your purchase. However, no one says you have to upgrade, if you like the version you have, it's yours forever and you don't HAVE to spend ANY more money. Ever.

    If you like the features in the new version, then it's your choice to upgrade if you want to. If you bought your current version very recently, you may be eligible for a discount, I don't know what the time frame for that is, but you can contact On1 and ask.

    In any case, you only buy the upgrades if you want them, it's not like Adobe where you have to pay continuously just to keep what you have.

  • Peter Pfeiffer

    On1 has been generous in the past to folks who've recently purchased the current release.

  • Gus Panella

    It is no accident the licensing plans are the way they are.

    From a buyer/user standpoint, this is frustrating, but not new, and not defensible with holistic statements.  Each company has to entice users to pay the bills and must use the tools they have at hand.  Manipulating the licensing plan is just one of those tools.  

    Think of it this way...
    Company X: A highly supported and mature tool, do you need to buy updates every year?
    Company Y: A tool that is still maturing with its fair share of basic features that are a bit tarnished, do you need annual bugs fixes?

    In both cases, the companies need to support development and shareholder commitments.  If you were in the position of either company, How would you license the product?

    Each company plays to their individual strengths while  trying to extract the most $$ possible.   In all cases, smart business processes from each companies standpoint.

    Certainly each company can have altruistic undertones, but in the end they need to develop/keep a cash flow to cover the next boat payment and payroll checks.


  • Raymond Griffiths

    Sycophantism aside, the unerring loyalty to a particular brand assumes that said brand has met all promotional promises made at the time of sale or, at the very least, has expended every possible effort to repair any deficiency within a short period of time following the sale. ON1 has yet to achieve its sales pitch for the 2019 version and yet are already making the same noises they made for the 2019 version for the 2020 version. You can fool a person once...

  • Ralph Louzon

    The problem is not to ask for 80 $ each year, why not if the soft is excellent and improving at each release?
    The problem is that ON1 2019 did not fulfilled its promisses in terms of performance and stability. ON1 2020 has to fix 2019.6 and should be free for all the users having struggled all this year...
    I recommend this topic on that subject:


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