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Export Settings for High Quality JPEG?



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    There is a whole section in the Photo Raw user guide 'How big can I Print'  followed by 'How much resolution do I need". (Page 149). If that doesn't explain it, and you don't get a better answer here, there are experts in the Facebook group that can explain it.

  • Cindy Gilmer

    Thanks.  I had read through the export section of the user guide and didn't see anything that was helpful in choosing what export settings to use.  I will read through the resize section to see if that helps me with choosing export to JPEG settings.

  • Paul Meachen

    The PPI has no effect whatsoever on image size (or quality)  - it is only used for printing.  That means an image sized at 6000 x 4000 printed at 300 PPI will be 20" wide (and high quality) but the same image printed at 72 PPI will be about 80" wide (and low quality).

  • Bron Wolff

    I was going to ask this exact same question that cindy has asked. I was a LR user and the export options are easier to understand than ON1.

    I have images that i need to print out at 300ppi in the highest quality for a print company who then uses my images for multiple size canvas art.  I crop most of my images at 4x5 before an edit.

    All i want to do is export out without any resizing at width or height , just at 300 pp in high quality JPEG . In LR as cindy said, it gave this option.


    How do i get this same option in ON1? do i have to go into RESIZE to do this? i also have read the manual and it doesnt help.  





  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Export settings are sticky so you'll see what ever settings you used the last time you exported. You can click the Reset widget in the top right corner and it will reset everything to default settings. For the image size that is its original pixel dimensions. It will default to 300ppi. Set the Image Type to whatever is appropriate for the image you're exporting but that is primarily for when you resize the image.


  • Bron Wolff

    Thank you so much Brian for your quick reply and for showing me this small reset button!


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