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highlight issue



  • Simon Ting

    Should have clarified that I am using the trial version of ON1 PR 2020 and the Fuji was a RAW file.

    I really liked ON1 for its speed and improved UI. Everything works much better now. But this has stopped me from changing from my current workflow of using X-Transformer followed by LR.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    If I have a big problem with highlights, I have to run it through Lightroom to recover that before editing in On1. It's the only reason that I still have Lightroom.

    A while ago, improved highlight recovery was one of the new features coming to On1, but it's disappeared from the list now, so we don't know if it still is or not.

  • manjeet jadeja

    Have a similar problem still with Nikon NEF files, Using the latest ON1 Photo raw 2023,

    still need to rely on the old PS elements 2020 which does a better job of recovering the highlights,

    Hope On1 are still working on it

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Have you tried using the Linear RAW Camera Profile?

  • manjeet jadeja

    No, just tried it,
    Thanks for the help Brian Lawson


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